Finding Yourself in Winter Break

They say that finding yourself is key to knowing what you want to do in life. I mean, after all, if I’m going to be working a career for the rest of my life (until I’m old and gray,) then should I not find myself, find what I love, and try to be happy working for the remainder of my time on Earth? Granted, you aren’t confined to finding yourself only during the winter months – but seeing as how it’s about time for Thanksgiving break and Christmas season (which means you’re out of school for winter break) – I figured it’d be good to write an article focusing on finding yourself during those months.

Rethink your winter break. Introspect. (photo by Citizenswaine)

Rethink your winter break. Introspect. (photo by Citizenswaine)

If you’re working an entry-level job like burger flippin’ at the local McDonalds, I don’t recommend that you quit. I recommend that you keep working but find time to find yourself around that work schedule.

Take time on your days off or even around your shift to do things like take aptitude tests. Even take the ASVAB. Both are good indicators of what will work well with your personality. My personal favorite is this aptitude test based on color preferences. It’s actually really interesting, because most of the time they’re spot on with my likes and dislikes based on simple color strategy.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that time is moving faster and faster (or so it seems) – and you should take your winter break to try to gain some direction in your life instead of sitting on the couch with some potato chips, watching Netflix. Because although you can have a sort of epiphany doing that, the odds of it happening are less than if you were to do something productive.

It’s hard to remember through all of the stress and pressure that who you are and what you’re meant to do isn’t up to anyone else but you. It’s hard to remember that success is not based on career – whether that be in criminal justice or nursing. That who you are isn’t determined by your job title or your salary.

Now, that’s not to say that it’s such a far fetched idea to take this time in Winter Break to talk openly to someone you trust, preferably someone older who has been in a career for a long time, about finding direction for yourself. Although at the end of the day, it is your life and your decision, other people can greatly influence us, open our eyes, and help us.

The thing I’m learning about life, in high school, in the workforce, in college, and even after college, is that it’s all hard. But I’m also learning – mainly through observation – that it can be done. And you have to learn it to. And for some, it may take longer than others. But you will get it someday.

Oh, and on the off-chance that months from now you’ll stumble across this article, here’s Uncommon Aptitude’s (great site, by the way) article on “4 Ways to Discover Your Aptitude Over The Summer.”

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