Fitness with Education

It has been said that fitness will increase focus, determination, and overall outlook on life. All of these things can be applied to education! Education in fitness can help a person by enabling expansion of eligible scholarships to a person (if the type of exercise being done is that of a team sport), releasing Endorphins, which tend to make one happier and more lively, and giving someone a new goal, whether it be to up their weights in strength training or toning, or lose five pounds.

Fitness, at any age, is one you should implement into your life. (photo by Port of San Diego)

Fitness, at any age, is one you should implement into your life. (photo by Port of San Diego)

Though technically an out-of-school activity (considering practices and games are not completed during the events of the average school day), the benefits to joining team sports is quite substantial. According to universitylanguage, joining a team sport in college allows for greater and deeper socialization, as you are now linked to a group of people who want and desire the same things as you do. Another benefit is with all the conditioning and training, you will be fit. Remember, though: good exercise can not outweigh a bad diet! The article also lists, as I did previously, that the release of Endorphins will allow one to be happier and correspondingly healthier (at least in mentality, if not bodily!) In addition, the skills one may obtain from taking roll as a captain may prove to benefit a student by offering them new, deeper growth in leadership.

Even if you do not feel like you are adequate to implement team sports into your life for fitness purposes, you should still be exercising and eating clean as a student, child, and well into adulthood! There is not a point in time that fitness becomes void and unnecessary, as I stated in the previous article, “Does Obesity Play a Part in Education?” If you want to work out alone, to receive the benefits of self-discipline, self-regulation, and all of the above, minus the social environment that team sports enables, there are several ways to do so. With the technology that most people in America have, ie. access to sites such as Youtube, the possibilities are endless!

For example, my favorite way to work out (I wish I had known of it sooner!) is through a Youtube channel entitled, “Blogilates.” Blogilates, run by Cassey Ho, is an extremely motivational and inspirational work out vlog. Not only are the work outs challenging (there is a fairly new work out entitled, “My Thighs Are Dying,”) but they can be done by anyone and at any time – meaning, there is a convenience in time for the viewer, leaving the viewer with little to no excuse not to follow through with a work out besides, “I feel lazy,” or perhaps a humorous, “Today is my rest day… for the third day this week.”

It is a great thing to be able to work out, to be able to live healthy in an unhealthy world, and to be able to grow as a person through your pursuits in fitness. Not only does fitness impact education substantially by creating a better environment to learn, but it allows for overall growth of a person. When it comes down to it, fitness is a life style we all should adopt.

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