Five Authors to get your Children Hooked on Reading

Learning to read is always a very exciting yet difficult time for a child. Reading opens up whole new worlds for them to explore, but mastering the English language is at times maddening. The best remedy for that is to make sure the young learner is interested in the process. You can’t force them to love reading, but if they DO love to read it makes everything else all the easier.

The annual Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast shows just how influential Dr Seuss is, photo by MDGovpics

The annual Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast shows just how influential Dr Seuss is, photo by MDGovpics

The best way to get kids to love reading is to introduce them to books that will hook them, reel in there imaginations, and make them legitimately enthusiastic about becoming a better reader. To that end, I’d like to suggest a handful of the best and most colorful kids books out there – these are the authors that really speak to kids, and can help you get those kids reading.

Dr. Seuss – Many parents have instilled a love of reading with this beloved author. He has a lyrical, silly approach to writing, using repetition and nonsense words to twist tongues, and utilizing bright colorful illustrations. These are books that will be read over and over again. Titles to try – Green Eggs and Ham, Yertle the Turtle, Oh the Places You’ll Go.

Rosemary Wells – Her most famous literary creations have also become popular cartoon characters on television, in the rabbit-based program Max and Ruby. All of Wells books have a focus on family and dealing with feelings and emotions. They are simply written, well illustrated, and very appealing to novice readers. Titles to try – Noisy Nora, Morris’ Disappearing Bag, Max and Ruby.

Eric Carle – Some of first books that will grab the attention of a young reader will be the vivid, fun books of Carle, who has written and drawn more than seventy of them. With an emphasis on colors, wildlife, and plants, he creates imaginative books with little artistic tricks to make children impatient to get to the next page. Titles to try – The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Brown Bear Brown Bear What do You See?

Beatrix Potter – Although she passed away in 1943, Miss Potter’s classic stories are still incredibly popular today. She has a timeless, classical style, reminiscent of fairy tales, and stories in which well mannered animals learn valuable life lessons. Titles to try – The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher, The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck.

Margaret Wise Brown – There is elegance in simplicity. Miss Brown’s books tend to be short and concise, without excessive vocabulary, but they also have a poetic nature to them. They are perfect books to read at bed time, and will draw children back time and again. Titles to try – Good Night Moon, Big Red Barn, The Runaway Bunny.

With these authors, hopefully you can get the kids addicted to the written word. Next, I’ll discuss the authors that will feed that addiction, and keep them coming back for more.

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