Five Authors to Keep your Children Hooked on Reading

In my last blog, I wrote about five authors you can use to get your child or student enthused about learning to read. Okay, so let’s assume that mission was a rousing success… now what? How do you feed that addiction, keep them from losing interest, so they stay focused on the joy of reading?

CS Lewis has inspired children with his Narnia books since 1950, photo by Alex of Gothenburg

CS Lewis has inspired children with his Narnia books since 1950, photo by Alex of Gothenburg

Now that they are reading a bit better they need more complex books, with longer stories, and more identifiable characters. Here are five authors who have stood the test of time, and have helped kids love reading for decades.

C.S. Lewis – When he wasn’t writing essays and books about philosophy, Christianity, and positive thinking, Lewis found the time to write one of the greatest series of fantasy novels of all time. Using colorful imagery and dazzling creatures, he created the world of Narnia, which has inspired children to read for generations. Your children might like it, too. Titles to try – The Chronicles of Narnia.

J.K. Rowling – At this point, Harry Potter is a global icon. But the only reason he got to be one, is because millions of children fell in love with the books by Rowling. These books are very long, and very densely written for young readers, but the epic tale of the young wizard has proven to be riveting work, guaranteed to keep the kids asking for the next book in the series. Titles to try – Harry Potter part One through Seven

Beverly Cleary – If your child is less prone to flights of fancy, and is more enamored with stories set in the world they know, Cleary is a fantastic choice to keep them reading. Her stories cut to the core of what its like to be a child, growing up and coming to terms with situations they don’t know how to deal with. All that, and some genuinely funny characters. Titles to try – Ramona and Beezus, Henry Huggins, Henry and Beezus

Laura Ingalls Wilder – This beloved author drew on her own childhood experiences with a pioneer family to create the classic Little House on the Prairie, and something about her home spun wisdom and good old fashioned American values resonated with readers. Fifty years after her passing, her books remain best sellers. Titles to try – Little House on the Prairie, The Long Winter, These Happy Golden Years

R.L. Stein – Let’s face it, some kids are into scary stuff. For a number of years, Stein had the market cornered on short, easy to read horror books for young readers. Leaving out the excessive violence, nudity, and language that most horror features, Stein stuck to scary basics and wrote dozens of books about ghoulies, ghosties, and things that go bump in the night. Titles to try – Goosebumps, Mostly Ghostly, Fear Street.

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