Flu Season and School

The flu often has more severe symptoms than the common cold. It may last several weeks, have several symptoms including fatigue, dizziness, and a fever. As we prepare to enter back into our schools, the questions arise: what can I do to ensure I do not catch the flu? Or perhaps you’ve already caught the flu and you are wondering how you are going to be able to do your schoolwork?

Flu shots are an effective way in fighting the flu! (photo by rocknroll_guitar)

Flu shots are an effective way in fighting the flu! (photo by rocknroll_guitar)

It is times like coming back to school that make for an increase in sickness. Being away from a classroom environment for a while makes a large impact when students return to their academics. The classroom is a place for a lot of hand-to-hand activity, such as passing papers to and from the teacher and other students. It is this kind of activity allows for germs to infiltrate our bodies.

According to the NY Times, the virus is more dominant in the winter time due to the cold and dry weather, which is what it needs to thrive. Thus, people don’t generally get the flu during any other time but winter.

To ensure you do not catch the flu, a flu shot may be something you want to get. Also, according to webmd, you will want to refrain from touching certain body parts, such as the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Pretty much anywhere that the virus can get in through. According to the article, How to Avoid the Flu at University, from wikihow, students should buy cleaning supplies in regular and travel sizes. In doing so, you will be equipped to disinfect anywhere you are. Disinfecting your surroundings is one of your best bets for fighting off the flu. The article also suggests limiting your alcohol intake, as it weakens the immune system and it will be easier to accidentally share drinks.

Unfortunately, the flu may strike you at any time: including while you are in class. If that is the case, you will most likely leave, rest well, and will be urged to not return to school until twenty-four hours until the flu has passed completely. Fortunately, some professors do not count for attendance and others will understand if you are very ill. You still have access to your textbooks and can easily have access to the lesson plan – your grade does not have to suffer because you are suffering from the woes of illness!

Although you may feel fatigued, merely laying in bed with a textbook and notebook will help. If you have trouble focusing, rest and come back to your work when you are more equipped to. Just know that eventually you will have to push through your sickness. After all, it is your responsibility to maintain yourself. It is your grade, it is your body, and it is your sickness. Unfortunately for some who wish to have it, mother and father’s care will not be there in this time. This is okay though; though you may feel downtrodden, college is a time of growth and this is just one way of teaching you a lesson in growth.

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