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Is it just me that is getting stressed about all of these scholarship due dates? I doubt it! However, I have to remember to take a step back and breathe. Perhaps revisiting the posts “Stay on Track!” and “How to Keep Focus” may help me. As college admission due dates are nearing and passing, scholarships are becoming the hot topic for high school seniors. Below are some tips I’ve compiled as well as the mistakes I’ve lived through so that you can utilize tips and err away from the same mistakes while applying for scholarships.

Scholarships give you the opportunity for free money: take advantage of it! (photo by Philip Taylor PT)

Scholarships give you the opportunity for free money: take advantage of it! (photo by Philip Taylor PT)

Tip One: Use a Wall Calendar

The fact of the matter is you can use any calender you want. It could be an app, it could be an agenda or planner. I recommend a special wall calendar just for scholarships: the dates they become available, the dates they close entry submission, etc.. My reasoning for this is simply because agendas, planners, and apps are generally used while you’re on the go and chances are, when you’re on the go, you’re not at a laptop or desktop, nor in the comfort of your own home.

Tip Two: Turn the Applications in as Soon as Possible

This actually happened to me tonight: I knew a scholarship application was available and was closing on this day. The website did not specify the time that the application submission would close. I accidentally fell asleep, without worry that I would be able to turn in the application. Then, I opened my computer when I awoke to turn it in immediately, and to my astonishment, I was unable to finish the application. To think, all I had left to do was to submit my recommendation letter. The moral of the story is to not be like me – if you are able to turn in an application, do it immediately. Putting it off could, in fact, make you ineligible to complete the scholarship. Which, if you haven’t caught my drift, is an unfortunate event.

Tip Three: Finish an Application When You Start It

You know yourself better than I do. If you have trouble finishing what you started, you can not allow yourself to not complete an application! Often, because I complete many scholarships at a given time, I am likely to forget a few that I did not finish. Then, the scholarships close and I am more than likely not going to receive any scholarships unless I am the only person to even partially fill out the form, any benefits, and ultimately, my time would have been wasted. The best way to get the most out of scholarships is to complete scholarships. Yes, it’s really that simple.

So now you are more equipped to complete scholarships! Do not get overwhelmed with them. In fact, even if you are overwhelmed, scholarships are free money and well worth the stress if you are so inclined to actually receive one. Here are more scholarship tips if you find you are having trouble locating or completing them.

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