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Amongst the scrutiny of the Harkin Report and GAO agency videos, the for-profit higher education industry has been beaten and bruised lately. In an effort to (possibly) fix their reputation and increase their enrollment, many schools are offering discounts on tuition. Instead of simply lowing the overall tuition being charged, two colleges have released institutional financial aid to students who enroll: ITT Technical Institute and Capella University.

Opportunity Scholarship, ITT Technical Institute

ITT Technical Institute is headquartered out of Carmel, Indiana. Nationally accredited through the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools, ITT Tech. currently operates over 130 schools in 38 states. Currently, over 80.000 students are enrolled in Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.

ITT Technical Institute’s Opportunity Scholarship is available to students who enroll:

  • enroll in the December 2012 term or later

  • enroll in an associate level program

  • take at least six credits each term, and

  • earn a 2.00 GPA or higher

The opportunity scholarship is supposed to help of-set a student’s need to take out private loans to fund his/her education; it was created to encourage certain students to commit to pursuing their educational goals. The amount of the scholarship differs from student to students as it helps cover the cost of tuition not covered through other forms of financial aid. For example, if a student takes out federal loans and is eligible for the Pell Grant, but still has unmet need in the amount of $2,000, ITT Tech will award the Opportunity Scholarship in the amount of $2,000 given the student meets all the requirements.

Various Grants and Scholarships, Capella University

Capella University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The university currents enrolls over 35,000 students in 148 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 17 certificate programs.

Capella University has recently introduced a variety of institutional scholarships to help reduce the cost of tuition for students in certain program. The exact amount of each scholarship is listed on the Capella website, but requirements and qualifications are not; one must speak with a representative from the school in order to determine if they qualify.

Bachelor of Science

$6,000, distributed evenly over 6 consecutive quarters

Available to new students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science program who begin their studies after July 2012, but before January 7, 2013, pass their first class, and register for at least 7 credits each quarter.

MS Education

$5,000, distributed evenly over 8 consecutive quarters

Available to new student who begin their studies before January 7, 2013 and pass their first class.

MS Info. Systems and Tech. Management

$2,400, distributed evenly over 7 consecutive quarters

Available to new student who begin their studies before January 7, 2013 and pass their first class.


$4,000, distributed evenly over 7 consecutive quarters

Available to new students who begin their studies before January 7, 2013 and pass their first class.

MS Psychology

$3,000 total, distributed evenly over 6 consecutive quarters ($500 per quarter)

The MS Psychology grant is available to new students who first enroll between July and December 2012.

Ashley Benson is a distance education professional with five years of experience in the for-profit sector. She has worked coast-to-coast within the United States as an academic advisor, an adjunct teaching assistant and, most recently, a campus Registrar. Through formal education and industry experience, Ashley practices staying informed on the current events and changes within higher education and the students involved.

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