Foundation: Why We Need It

You wouldn’t want to live in a house that didn’t have a solid foundation, would you? Would you not fear that the walls would cave in on you? So why do we allow faltered foundations to rule our beings? In an educational perspective, if our foundations are wrecked – ie. we have a family crisis, inner distress, or even a bad break-up leading to our depression, we show how fickle we are through means of procrastination, lack of motivation, and resulting unhappiness in life overall, as if we never knew a break through.

We all want to be bricks but we end up sifting like sand. (photo by Richard Cocks)

We all want to be bricks but we end up sifting like sand. (photo by Richard Cocks)

Some people, when going through trials and tribulations, actually tend to do better on other aspects of their lives. For them, the other aspects of life serve as an outlet. There, they can actually see the positives as they occur. Unfortunately, it’s still a twisted way of thinking considering they simply want to compensate with other successes. For example, though not as common of an occurrence – a small child who is going through their parent’s separation may have better grades in school due to their need to focus on other things.

Others throw themselves versions of pity parties, in which they sulk and moan and stay in this unhealthy place of self-loathing. For them, feeling even the worst feeling is better than being apathetic towards certain things. Most people do not enjoy coffee at a lukewarm temperature. It is the same way that we feel towards our emotions. Apathy is a horrible place to be.

I am able to speak about both sides of the story because I have been to both and back again. I have seen what an unsettling foundation can do to a person in all aspects of life. Why this is pertinent to education is the mere fact that it is education. Without understanding oneself, one can not grow. Once one can acknowledge the way they deal with things, then change starts to happen.

To be settled in peace, love, unity, and respect is to understand who you are and where you are standing. Here, there is peace because the simplest external factors will not affect you. This is what we all need to strive for. Frankly, this world is harsh – and we all know it too well. This is why we need some sort of foundation, whether it be through religion or some other factor.

We are all human. We all go through things that often seem too hard to handle. The fact is, nothing will ever be done if you are holding the burdens that don’t belong to you. We all have much to learn of life. There is nothing wrong with not knowing all of the answers.

There are, however, people you can always talk to when you don’t understand. If you do not have older, wiser people to talk to to help guide you through your problems, be sure to check out these quotes – as cheesy as some of them may seem. You never know what is going to highly impact you – just be careful to ensure that you understand why you are believing something.

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