Four Groups Who Can Benefit the Most from Distance Learning

Distance learning programs are designed for a universal audience. Color and creed, physical appearance or capability, none of that matters when using a high speed internet connection to matriculate to your chosen university or school. It has really opened up the education field for many students who otherwise would not have been able to advance their educations.

Distance learning for soldiers, pic courtesy U.S. Army

There are a few types of potential students who really stand out. These are the people who can benefit the most, the people who can use what little time they have no matter what their crazy, off-kilter schedule is, to study and acquire college credits or certifications.

SoldiersAmerica’s fighting men and women comprise the greatest voluntary military in the world, not only because of their training and equipment, but because of their wit, intelligence, and ingenuity. Obviously a soldier in a hot zone will not have time to check in and make sure there are enough discussion board posts, but servicemen and women in peacetime areas often find themselves with much down time, and on-line classes could be just the ticket. Some people might say that soldiers have enough on their plate already, and perhaps they are right, but I hold our military in high regard, and think that a great many soldiers have the capacity to distance learn while serving our country.

Stay at Home Parents – There are other reasons to take on-line classes besides getting a degree. Sometimes, an adult just needs mental stimulation to keep themselves sharp, or in some cases sane. Yes, I did spend a few years as a full-time stay-at-home dad, and honestly when I started working on my degree on-line it wasn’t really for the degree, it was to give my mind something to focus on that wasn’t diaper or bottle related.

For stay at home parents, taking a class or two can be a lifeline, a way to maintain your focus on adult-oriented society, and a way to better yourself while engaging in the world’s most thankless job.

Burned Out Employees – It’s very difficult to find time for college classes when a person is already working full time. The problem arises when that particular full time job is unfulfilling, or worse yet the employee has hit a ceiling and has no hope for further advancement. That’s where distance learning can be a life saver. Some jobs will even partially pay for tuition for employees that are working on their advanced degrees. However, most jobs won’t.

Even taking one class at a time can be a big boon to a burned-out employee, giving them a larger goal for personal and professional advancement to focus on.

Americans with Disabilities – Even with federal laws mandating that public facilities are accessible by all, that isn’t the whole picture. For some people, simply getting into a vehicle and going to a campus (even a wheelchair accessible one) is a grueling chore. Sometimes, even insurmountable. Distance learning evens the playing field for all Americans.

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