Four More Sites Every Student Should Have Bookmarked

Almost every student these days, from kindergarten through college, relies heavily on a computer for their education. As this important tool can be used in so many different ways, it is important to learn the basics of computer use. The web is such a huge repository of information (and misinformation) it is hard to decide where to even begin.

Math problems got you stymied? Try, photo by  trindade.joao

Math problems got you stymied? Try, photo by trindade.joao

Here are a few more web sites that should be book m arked on your computer, no matter what level fo study you are in, for anyone who is pursuing an education of any kind. – You already have a calculator,if not a real one than the basic one programmed into your computer. This web site doesn’t solve problems for you, it teaches you how the problems are supposed to be solved. Elemtnary school through middle school math is broken down by grade year, but past that everything is organized by subject: geometry, algebra, calculus, trigonometry, even some advanced topics like Fourier series and recursive formulas. The site has instructionals for every type of math, and practice sheets and problems that are graded as soon as you finish. For math-challenged people like me, this site keeps it simple, and makes it easy to understand and apply.

Refdesk – No matter how good a web site looks, or how smart the writing sounds, or how legitimate the pictures appear to be, when you get right down to it its still the internet, and the internet is known for its misinformation. If you are serious about your education, you will fact-check anything you learn on the web. And that’s where this site earns its spot in your book marks – this is called the “fact checker for the internet” and its sole purpose is to verify the information presented as fact on web sites… on ALL web sites. For anyone that uses the net for research, this site is invaluable.

Fact Monster – This site could almost be called RefDesk Junior, as it has the same premise and many of the same features, but is aimed at slightly younger students. So is there any reason for a grown up to bookmark this site? Well, it does feature an atlas, almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia, and history time lines. Having all those resources in one place is good for a student of any age.

Wikipedia – This is a great place to start your research, it’s perfect to get basic information and some good links to other sites. It’s not so good you can use it as a reference for a paper, but it canlead you to the references you need. The site is known to get hacked, and joke information gets posted some times, so always verify what wikipedia tells you. But that said, it is one of the most complete reference sites on the web.

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