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Franklin University, offering distance learning and traditional educational options, has its main campus in Columbus, Ohio. Dublin, Westerville, and Deleware locations comprise the Ohio contingency of schools, and Indianopolis is home to the first Indiana based satellite location. The main campus is in downtown Columbus, which is a thriving metropolis with a lot of cultural experiences to offer students pursuing higher education. The primary demographic of students attending Franklin is the working adult with families and children. This includes the undergraduate student body, whose average student age is thirty-three years. The United State Department of Education chose Franklin University as a school to participate in an experimental program where Franklin would offer unlimited distance learning, and they are also one of the first institutions to work with the Unites States Army in delivering online learning to soldiers.

Students can obtain Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees online or on one of the five campuses. Most of the degree programs offered on campus are also offered through distance learning. The school also has a pioneering coaching program where students can become mentored individually by non-faculty, working professionals in the appropriately selected field. Franklin has a growing academic reputation and has been ranked as having the best MBA program online for the value, by “” in 2010. It is also consistently recognized as one of the most military friendly universities in the nation. It has been ranked number thirty-seven overall for school’s offering distance learning education, and Franklin offers more degree options online than the average University.

There are quite a few undergraduate online degree programs offered online, and they include, but are not limited to: Accounting, Business Economics, Business Forensics, Financial Management, Financial Planning, Forensic Accounting, Business Administraiton, Healthcare Informational Systems Management, Human Resources Management, Management, Operations & Supply Chain Management, Computer Science, Information Technology, Management Information Sciences, Web Development, Interactice Media Design, Allied Healthcare Management, Applied Psychology, eMarketing, Marketing, Organizational Communications, Public Relations, and Human Resources Management. Graduate Programs include a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Science in Accounting, a Master of Science in Computer Science, a Master of Science in Marketing Communication, and a Master of Science in Instructional Design and Performance Technology. All online programs are accredited, and students have access to faculty for assistance and support throughout the entire academic year.

For students who already have an undergraduate or graduate degree and are looking to differentiate in a competitive market, they can obtain a certificate in professional development online at Franklin. Options include: Certified Business Professional Executive Program, Microsoft Office, LEAN/Six Sigma Certification, Project Management, Association for Operations Management, OSHA Workshops for General Industry, and Fire Officer, among many others.

Tuition is approximately $330.00 per undergraduate credit hour, but there is slight variation according to degree program. There are also associated fees for the program you are applying to. Graduate tuition is estimated at $515.00 per credit hour. Financial Aid assistants are available to help you pursue federal, state, local and institutional funding appropriate to your need and course of study.

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