Free Printable Work Sheets for Kids

Parents might love me for this, but kids will definitely hateme for this – I have compiled here a list of several great web sites that offer FREE printable and downloadable work sheets,work books, tests, quizzes, and other kinds of homework assignments.

Thousands of free work sheets are available on line, photo by topgold

Thousands of free work sheets are available on line, photo by topgold

If you are the parent of a home school student, use these resources to find material to help the child in their weak areas. If your child is struggling in school and needs more help, you can find something down below to help them improve. Or maybe you just use home work as a punishment tool. This will cover you on that, as well.

School Express – One the best, deepest, and most complete sites on the net for school related materials, this site has a lot of everything. The back bone of School Express is the printable work sheets. They currently host over seventeen thousand different work sheets, all of which are free. They have work sheets in categories like Georgraphy, Hand writing, History, Activites, Color and Learn, Kindness to Animals, Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science for young children, reading, phonics, patterns, spatial relationships, money, sudoku, thinking skills, and many more.

But wait, it gets better. The site utilizes a very simple program to alllow you to create and print your own work sheets, customized to what ever your child is studying. Some of the options are Make a Quiz, Make a Spelling Worksheet, Alphgabetizing Work sheet, Missing Letter work sheet, create a Word Search, a Word Scramble, or Make Sentences.

They also offer apps for your tablet or smart phone. What ever way you child studies, there is something to help them at School Express.

Work Sheets for Kids – This brightly colored, easy to navigate site is chock full of excellent material to print and use for free. Work sheet areas include Math, Time, Money, Language, Science, Writing, Computers, and Arabic. Its one of the only sites with free sheets to help learn Arabic, so this is actually a resource for anyone who wants to learn that language. There are also a lot of colorful work sheets, always a plus.

Free Work Sheets and Printables – The web site is deep with content, and I could probably spend a whole blog talking about all their different features. But today I’ll just focus on the work books and work sheets. Like the other sites, there is a huge volume of different sheets to choose from, but this site gave me the most different ways to search and navigate. Sheets or organized by category (math, science, writing, etc) but also by grade level (preschool, Kindergarten, all the way up through high school), and there are also random searches. On the main site, the “newest work sheets” page features sheets about cheer leading, French, subtracting fractions, and the Homestead Act.

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