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Freed-Hardeman University is a Christian University primarily offering undergraduate degree programs to its students. It is located in Henderson, Tennessee. Henderson has approximately 5,700 residents and borders Chester County. It has an affiliation with the Churches of Christ, a religious organization who assisted in establishing the school. The Churches of Christ are a New Testament based religious group with roots in the Restoration Movement. Freed-Hardeman is governed by an authoritative board of trustees, and inclusion in membership of this governing council requires participation in this particular religious affiliation. Most of the students of this university live on campus, however there are some part-time and commuting students, as well as distance learning education. They also offer a few Master’s programs online in various aspects of Biblical Studies.

Freed-Hardeman University has twelve academic divisions which are organized into six schools. The schools are as follows: Arts and Humanities, Biblical Studies, Business, Education, Sciences and Mathematics, and the Honors College. The school encourages enhancing scholastic and personal development through participation in overseas study in Belgium, Mexico, Bermuda, Canada, Stratford, London and Paris. Online degree programs include the Master of Ministry, the Master of Arts in New Testament, and most of the Master of Divinity degree. Some courses are offered strictly online, while others are offered in hybrid formatting, with some on campus participation required, particularly for the Master of Divinity. Students can watch their classes in real time or view at their own scheduling convenience. Teachers interact with students through the Blackboard Learning System.

The Master on Ministry (M.Min) is designed for those who wish to pursue a career or have a better understanding of actual pulpit ministry, as well as religious education teachers, counselors, writers of Bible school literature, and others in the “helping fields” who want to enhance their skill and knowledge. Courses include Missions in the Church, Suffering and the Human Condition, Ministerial Counseling, Religious Communication, and many more. An internship is also required towards the end of the academic coursework. The Master of Arts in New Testament is designed for a similar demographic, and includes thirty hours of coursework and a six credit thesis. Courses include Greek Readings, Old Testament Text courses, New Testament Text courses, and Greek Language courses.

Other popular major and minor degree programs for the undergraduate student body include Criminal Justice, Psychology, Vocational Ministry, Art, Music, Education, Theatre, English, Journalism, Media Arts, Communications, Accounting, Business, Finance, Management, Marketing, Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Nursing, Pre-Engineering, and Health Services Administration. Master Degree programs offered on campus include Ministry, New Testament, Divinity, Accounting, Business Administration, Counseling, Curriculum and Instruction, School Counseling, School Leadership, and others.

Tuition is totaled at $12,840 for the year, with room and board just under $4,000. There are also book and other fee costs to take into consideration. Grants, loans and scholarships are available to students in need. Scholarship options include Academic Scholarships, Trustees’ Scholarships, National Merit Scholarships, Endowed Scholarships, Leader Scholarships, Departmental Scholarships, and the TN HOPE Scholarship. Many students receive appropriate aid to assist with financial costs.

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  1. Allison Brittle says:

    I am interested in the Distance Learning Program at F-HU. Please send me a catalog at: 661 Whispering Oaks Place Nashville, TN 37211

  2. Allison Brittle says:

    I am interest in Freed Hardeman’ Distance Learning Program.

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