Frozen Grades

Most seniors in the country are thinking to themselves right now, “I just don’t care anymore. This is dumb. I just want to learn what I need to learn for my profession.” I am able to say that with clarity and credibility because not only have most people I talk to said that, but I too am guilty of it! It’s hard enough knowing you’re about five months away from the glory of tassel switching, walking across a stage, and being handled your sparkly new diploma. Okay, perhaps the diploma is not sparkly, but the way students regard it as gold is worthy of comparison! To keep up with your grades while getting ready for college seems a strenuous task for most high school students who originally planned to just “have fun” their senior years.

I said it before, we are dealing with a stone-cold case of Senioritis. Ah, how I thought I had fought it off! This post I wrote a while ago on Senioritis will be worth reading if you are currently fighting the dreaded beast!¬†Another reason for sprouting cases of Senioritis is that in second semester of high school, your grades are “frozen.” What does this mean exactly? According to coronadocrest, it basically means that your grades are not counted for, academically. It is merely used for one purpose and one purpose only: to calculate and depict who is your class’ valedictorian and salutatorian.

It is important to know that your grades will still affect your overall GPA. You simply may not be able to afford to screw around – colleges will take into account your grades during your last nine weeks. If you screw around with your grades and let Senioritis take all that you’ve worked hard for, they may retract their gifts of money and your placement in their college.

Often, students believe that it will not have such an adverse affect on them.

What Senioritis does to students. (photo by fujimatt)

What Senioritis does to students. (photo by fujimatt)

Think you may have Senioritis? Use this question and answer as given by townsquarebuzz to evaluate yourself!

“Do you experience an increase amount of hours of sleep?
Are your naps becoming more frequent after school?
Are your books collecting an excess amount of dust on their covers?
Are you making excuses to skip school more often?
Are you using your phone on social media during school more often than usual?
Are you staying out late on school nights and sleeping in class?
Has your attire proved to become even lazier?
Are you barely equipped for school now?
Are you using up your phone’s entire battery in a matter of the first three hours of school?
Are you easily excited by mediocre grades that you normally would hate?”

Remember, fighting Senioritis is the way to fight the fear of failing because of frozen grade point averages.

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