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Fullerton College is a community college in Fullerton, California. It is the oldest community college in the state of California. It was established in 1913 and now serves approximately 22,014 students. The campus is on eighty-three acres and has ten major buildings including science labs, art studios, gyms, photography labs, computer pods, and automotive centers. It also has several sports playing fields. Fullerton is a member of the one-hundred and nine school California Community College system, and as such assists students with transfer credits into Cal State and the University of California’s twenty-three degree granting institutions. Fullerton offers well over one-hundred associate degree majors, and certificate programs that can be completed in one to two years. They offer flexible course schedules with many daytime offerings, nights, weekends, and online learning.

None of the degree programs at Fullerton are available through distance learning, however many courses are, and they vary from semester to semester. Students have the flexibility to take these classes at the convenience of their own schedules, it is not necessary to watch a livestream at a specific time. There are also hybrid course offerings where some of the class is offered online, and some of it is in the classroom. Another format they use is called TeleWeb, and Fullerton posts student tutorials as part of the distance learning program too. Some of the hybrid course offerings include: Financial Accounting, College Writing, Pre-Algebra, First Aid, CPR, and Safety Education, Business Mathematics, Business Law, Drugs and Society, and Child Development. Classes can be taken in many academic areas and departments. TeleWeb classes are more limited, the three courses currently available through TeleWeb are Career Motivation/Self-Confidence, The American Cinema, and Stress Management and Relaxation Training.

Fullerton Community College has several special programs including the Internship Program, the Honors Program, International Student programs, Paraprofessional in Education, Puente Project, Study Abroad, Teacher Preparation Program, Tech Prep, and the Transfer Achievement Program. Some of the school’s popular academic areas of study are: Business, Computer Information Systems, Natural Sciences, Economics, History, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Fine Arts, Political Science, Psychology, Women’s Studies, English, Foreign Languages, Mathematics, and Performing Arts.

Fullerton Community College is considerably affordable. California State residents pay $20 per credit hour, and out of state students pay $182. Total cost of attendance is an estimated range starting at $1,508 and ending at $17,448. Students have access to many forms of financial aid, and most students are able to take advantage of Fullerton’s many financial aid packages. The Federal Work Study program is an option for qualifying students, as well as Federal Direct Stafford Loans, Federal Direct PLUS Loans, a variety of need and merit based scholarships, and other sources of aid that the financial aid office will assist students in receiving. Fullerton Community College is a great financial deal for a quality education, and completion of one of their many programs will assist students in attending a four year California State University.

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