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Georgia Health Sciences University is a public medical research university seated in Augusta, Georgia.  The university is home to over 2,400 students attending schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Graduate Studies, Allied Health Sciences, and Nursing. Each student gains access to experienced faculty that are often members of the profession they teach in addition to state-funded and state-of-the-art research facilities and laboratories. Apart from this, the university is a large-scale employer and a member of the University System of Georgia giving it both networked resources and the backing of the state in its various programs.

The university already has instituted a state-wide system to allow distance education to occur called PeachNet. Distance learners residing in the state of Georgia have access to a grid of distance learning locations around the state to participate in classes. For areas outside the state, arrangements can be made with a simple test of broadcasting functions to your computer.

Distance education occurs over compressed streaming audio and video on a paced schedule, so students should be able to make a regular schedule for their various lectures. Online courses are therefore available for the entire curriculum at the university. Students attending distance learning courses can then earn their degree over the net as well.

Following this distance learning program are the library and media resources made available at Georgia Health. Students have access to such titles as AccessMedicine, GALILEO, Micromedex, various eJournals, STAT!Ref, VisualDx, the Georgia Health Sciences University Web of Knowledge and many more. All of these are available to on-campus and off-campus students alike.

Degrees are offered in 50 different majors. Some degrees offered at Georgia Health are a Doctor of Nursing Practice, Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Master of Clinical and Translational Science, Master of Public Health with a Major in Health Informatics, Master of Science with a Major in Neuroscience, a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene, and many more.

Since Georgia Health Sciences University is state-supported, tuition varies by residence. In-state undergraduates pay $4,848 per year full-time and $202 per credit hour part-time. Out-of-state undergraduates pay $19,424 per year full-time and $723 per credit hour part-time. In-state graduates pay $5,550 per year full-time and $232 per credit hour part-time. Out-of-state graduates pay $20,172 per year full-time and $841 per credit hour part-time. Distance learning is subject to technological fees.

Federal, state, and local aid has been accepted by Georgia Health in addition to the already allotted state resources going into the university. Some scholarships are available based mainly on past academic performance, but also on other scales of merit. The total recipient population of students at Georgia Health is not known, but what is certain is that each student attending should be able to procure some form of financial aid.

Georgia Health Science University is a solid university to attend when pursuing a degree somewhere in medicine and health science. For distance learners, the university is glad to bring the education to you with video and audio broadcasting. For reasons such as these, the university is one of the best in health sciences education in the state, and possibly one of the best for distance education in the country.

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