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Georgia State University, established in 1913, is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. Originally, it was called the Georgia School of Technology’s “School of Commerce.” It became known as Georgia State University in 1969 and expanded its programs and colleges. Currently, GSU is the only urban research university located in the entire state of Georgia. Serving approximately 30,000 students, Georgia State offers more than one-hundred and fifty fields of study through fifty-five degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. GSU has flexible day and evening scheduling, weekend classes, online courses and some degree programs are available online. Georgia State is the second largest of the thirty-five schools in the University System of Georgia. GSU participates in the NCAA Division I athletics as a member of the Colonial Athletic Association Conference. The school holds accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and has specialized accreditation for its Dietetics Programs, Nursing, Teacher Education, School Psychology, Art and Design, Physical Therapy, and Music.

The School is organized into several colleges: The Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Education, the College of Health and Human Services, the College of Law, and the J. Mack Robinson College of Business. The most popular majors at the schools are Business, Marketing, Social Sciences, Psychology, Visual and Performing Arts, Biology, Education, and Communications/Journalism. Other programs include African-American Studies, Women’s Studies, Music, Insurance-Risk Management, Linguistics, Spanish, Medical Dietetics, Respiratory Therapy, and Philosophy. Many courses are available online, and students can check with their departments and colleges to access course schedule availability, which varies per semester. GSU has an online non-degree Executive MBA in IS Management. Georgia On My Line is the combined program for all of the participating schools in the University System of Georgia.¬†Through this system GSU students can obtain online degrees at the Master of Education level in Reading, Language and Literacy Alternatives, Mathematics Education, Science Education, Reading Endorsement, and English to Speakers of Other Languages Endorsement. A Doctor of Philosophy with ¬†major in Nursing is also available through this system. An online degree in Instructional Design and Technology is just now being introduced to the schools offerings.

In-state tuition for Georgia state residents is $236.00 per credit hour for incoming freshmen, and undergraduate students. Graduate tuition varies per department. The College of Law costs $482.00 per academic unit, and Nursing costs $306.00. Most graduate credit hour costs are approximately $300.00 per credit hour. Out of state tuition is $843.00 per credit hour, and $12,640.00 for full-time students. Students considered as full time enrollees must be registered for at least fifteen credit hours per semester. Graduate tuition for out of state students varies, and ranges from $843.00 to $1,209.00, with a median tuition rate of $1,200.00 per academic unit. Types of aid available for students include scholarships based on high academic achievement, performance, or need, as well as grants from the federal and state government as well as the University, on campus employment, and federal loans. Most students attending GSU receive some type of aid.

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  1. Alan Harmon says:

    Very interested in distance learning program. Medical Dietetics to be exact. I would like to be come a Dietitian.

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