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Getting involved becomes more and more important these days. If you are a college student, or are going to college soon, here are reasons why you should get involved and how to get involved.

Getting involved will make your college experience more valuable. (Photo by song nguyen education company)

Why Should You Get Involved in College?

1. Great Experience: Getting involved is a way to meet great people and have some great experiences that you may never have outside the college.

2. Prepare For Future Career: You are building your resume while doing internship or community service projects. Also, you can discover your interest by getting involved in different activities, so you can avoid going into an area that you won’t enjoy.

3. Be a Part of the Community: Getting involved connects you to the school community and fulfill your responsibility as a part of the school. It also connects you to people who have the same ideas or interests as you do.

4. Help with Your Grade: Many students who get involved in many activities have good grade, too. You may worry that getting involved would lower your grade. But that is not the case. Being busy actually helps you to manage your time and be focus when it comes to studying.

5. Become Well-rounded: A well-rounded college student should not only have good grade, but also have other characteristics like leadership. Getting involved is the best way to gain abilities other than learning ability.

How Can You Get Involved?

  • Be Brave: Don’t be nervous. Just be confident and friendly. Try things that you have never tried before.
  • Find Your Community: Find people who have the same interests as you do. Join clubs that have the goals that you want to achieve.
  • Check School Website: There should be information about the games, activities, and more on college website. Check USF website to get an idea of their involvement system.
  • Ask Your Friends: You can get tons of information from your peers. Ask them what they do on weekends or break to help you decide what to do.
  • Be Consistent: Do not give up doing things quickly. You would find yourself having done all the activities, but have no great achievement.
  • Be Selective: Being consistent does not mean you should keep doing what is boring or pointless for you. Choose things you enjoy and be consistent with them.
  • If You Are a Transfer Student: Getting Involved is essential for a transfer student. You may think it is too hard to get involved, because you are new. Do not worry and check this post for a transfer students guide.
  • Relate to Your Major: Doing extracurricular projects related to your major would help you find a job related to your major more easily in the future.
  • Plan Your Time: Have a planner that has all the activities you are doing to help you use your time wisely.
  • Do Not Forget Your Grade: Getting involved should not be an excuse for getting lower grade. Having a good grade and graduating should be your first goal of college.
  • For More Ways to Get Involved Check This Checklist.
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