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Unlike the past, students now have the option to take their classes online or in a traditional classroom setting. Many students enjoy having the option but are unaware how each setting affects their performance and grades.

Online classes are more convenient than traditional classes, especially if the student is in college. These classes also teach the student more self discipline because they must set aside time each day to complete assignments and study without the immediate assistance of a teacher. It also allows students to work at their own pace and not be held to the time limits of working in a traditional classroom setting. Another advantage to taking online classes is that the selection of courses is much wider than in a traditional school. It is difficult for high schools and colleges to offer every course a student can be interested in or in need of.

However this action is much more possible with online courses. Although online classes do teach students more self discipline it also leaves them more room to procrastinate if they are not motivated enough to complete assignments. They also require the student to be responsible for their own learning. The student must become an active learner and find out the best ways that they can retain and remember information.

This is not necessarily a disadvantage in the long run, but can be an obstacle for the student when they are just starting their classes.Also, because students do have to teach themselves to a certain extent, online classes can be more time consuming than traditional classes. One of the more controversial arguments when it come to online classes is that students do not interact with each other face to face. Some parents feel this can be crippling to the student later in life when they must get a job and interact with coworkers and peers on a daily basis. Some online instructors do what is referred to as a collaboration assignment. This is where a student must interact with another to complete a project. It is kind of like a group work in an online setting. Usually students communicate over the telephone and through email.


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Most students still take traditional classes. Face to face interaction is obviously the first advantage of traditional classroom setting. This gives a student the opportunity to ask questions whenever they need, listen to lectures, and develop a relationship and trust with a teacher that some would argue cannot be made in an online setting. Traditional classes also give students structure and consistency that is not found when taking online classes. Students are forced to participate in classes every time they are scheduled, possibly making them learn things they otherwise might not have.

Traditional classroom settings also have a more disciplined, less distracting environment. There is no television or internet to distract them in the classroom. The classroom isolates the students from their daily lives, giving them an opportunity to really focus in on the material being given to them. Some argue that traditional classrooms do not allow students to have a deeper understanding of the material because students are to act as receivers of information while teachers do the deeper thinking and connecting for them. Students read textbooks and are given lectures and notes that already contain the answer.

They simply have to look and find the answer instead of really searching and trying to figure it out for themselves. Students may also have an instructor that teaches a different style than how they learn. For example, a student may be an auditory learner and have a teacher that gives him notes and textbook assignments everyday. This can create a struggle to learn material and be very discouraging to the student.

So to conclude, the best type of class to take is really dependent on the student and there preferences. They should look at the pros and cons of both traditional and online classes and see which is going to be more beneficial for there learning type and personality. They might even take both types of classes at once to get each experience!

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