Good jobs for English Majors… besides teaching English

What can you do with that English degree? You went to college, graduated, got your diploma… and now what? Historically speaking, if you wanted to stay in field you would need to either become a writer, or an English teacher. If you want to go outside your field than what happens? Is that degree still worth the paper it’s printed on?

Use your English degree to pursue a career in marketing, photo by alex_ford

Use your English degree to pursue a career in marketing, photo by alex_ford

Fortunately, the answer is YES. Having a degree in English or Liberal Arts does not close doors for you. While it is still not the most useful of higher education degrees, a diploma is a diploma, and if you know where to look and how to apply yourself. Here are a few job opportunities that might work with an English degree.

Human Resources – Reading (interpreting the data) and writing (making the data available and understandable to others) are key components to being effective in human resources and personnel jobs. HR workers deal with a vast amount of information, and must be able to process, collate, and disseminate this information, not just to bosses and employees, but also to databases and governing bodies. Having a degree in Human Resources certainly gives you an edge in this field, but with any four year degree an employee can take a human resources certification course and be qualified for a great many jobs.

Marketing – A job in marketing (or marketing communications) plays heavily into the written word. Ad campaigns are multi-media affairs, cutting across newspapers, magazines, radio, television, billboards, and more… but they always start with the written word. In this way, someone with a background or strength in creative writing will have an advantage. In marketing, you create ideas, thoughts, images, and expressions to sell something to the general public. The strong writing skills of an English major might make this a perfect fit for you.

Web Developer – The design and layout of a web site is very important in catching the eye of disinterested web surfers, but the content of that site is even more important. Or else catching thoise eyes doesn’t make a very big difference. This could be a perfect job for an English major, provided you also have computer skills up to the task. Design and create a website, and then use your knowledge of writing and reading to give the internet a unique and interesting site.

Proposal Manager – Many companies create proposals to help them find new clients and projects. For these companies, a proposal manager is invaluable – they coordinate writers, illustrators, and support staff to create and perfect written proposals to bring new business to the company. This job will rely heavily on persuasive writing techniques (you are, after all, convincing people to hire your company), and also the attention to detail common in writers and editors.

Technical Writer – Because someone has to write and edit textbooks, right?

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