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If you don’t have Microsoft Office (perhaps your trial just ended or you’ve been borrowing a friends when you have to use a document service) and you simply don’t want to pay for it, a great tool to utilize is Google Drive. I am sold on the product and it is free to those who have Google accounts. This means that people with Youtube accounts, Gmail accounts, and Google Plus users are able to access Google Drive. I use it for school projects, personal projects, and the like. I’ve even formatted my own resume on Google Drive, which was formerly Google Documents.

Google's Drive has launched and has exceeded expectation! (photo by toprankonlinemarketing)

Google’s Drive has launched and has exceeded expectation! (photo by toprankonlinemarketing)

Google Drive allows for easy organization of your information via internet. You can utilize folders to divide projects between personal, work, among other categories of your liking. Although you won’t be able to access Google Drive without internet (unless you have downloaded Drive for PC!)

You are not limited by Google Drive by any means though. The processes available are as follows:

  • Document, which basically serves as a Microsoft Word
  • Presentation, which basically serves as a Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Spreadsheet, which basically serves as a Microsoft Excel
  • Forms, which basically acts as a event planner, survey constructor, way for teachers to quiz students, and collect information easily
  • Drawings, which basically acts as a way to “…create, share, and edit drawings online.”

One is also able to sync their files, share their files, have automatic back ups, and mobile access for on-the-go convenience.

Well, I fibbed previously. Google Drive is not exactly free – that is, after 5GB of space. After that, you’ll have to (if you want to continue using the product) pay two dollars and forty-nine cents per month for the next plan – 25GB. The prices run the same for businesses as well. What a hefty fee! That is, if you can’t see my sarcasm.

According to onlinestoragefile, the overall rating of Google Drive as of March 2013 is four and a half stars out of five. Not bad!

Their security isn’t too bad either – Google Drive features SSL Encryption, Encrypted Transfer, Password Protection, and Folder Permissions.

Zdnet also wrote an article reviewing the Google Drive product. He proclaims that he does not care for the fact that the documents are, instead of being in chronological order, are ordered by alphabet. I’ve noticed this feat too – which I could do without as well. Fortunately, the dates the documents were last accessed are given, so if you really need to find that document quickly, you simply have to know what day the document was produced.

Google Drive is great for school in that it is accessible in school. Though Gmail isn’t available and is blocked due to the fact that it is an e-mail account, Google accounts in general are accessible. Which means if you have misplaced your flash drive and your teacher is expecting it. Usually, if I can’t find a flash drive, I try to e-mail the teacher. If I am unsuccessful in that aspect, I leave it on my Google Drive and then get to school to access it.

Really, Google Drive is an awesome tech tool in an educational setting.

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