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Goucher College is located at 1021 Dulaney Valley Road in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. The first humble rendition of the independent liberal arts and sciences college was originally founded in the year of 1885. Goucher College is a private coeducational school that offers students accreditation in bachelors and master’s degree programs.  The campus located about 8 miles from downtown Baltimore in Towson, Maryland. The 287 acre campus is mostly wooded land and is within an approximate distance to the cities of Baltimore, Washington D.C, and Annapolis, this region really is a core for commerce, administration, travel and knowledge.

The total enrollment at Goucher College is an estimated 2,300 total students; an estimated 1,500 of these students are committed to undergraduate studies and the other 800 are graduate students. There are a total 173 full time and part-time faculty members at Goucher College; more than 90% of the full time faculty members have doctorate degrees within their field; the student to faculty ratio is 10 to 1.  Goucher College has many diverse educational opportunities for students to follow.

At this time, Goucher College offers a total of 31 undergraduate majors and students are expected to enroll in at least one international study program as well. Goucher College offers post-baccalaureate and graduate programs based on the undergraduate programs. Goucher College does offer distance learning programs and online courses to students to aid students in achieving their goals. Currently, Goucher College offers a Master of Education, MA in Cultural Sustainability, and a Master of Arts to name a few.  The college uses blackboard to offer the degree programs to the graduate students. Apart from school, there are many other types of activities for students to engage in to keep active throughout the school year.

Besides the local attraction of the cities of Baltimore and Washington D.C there are quite a number of activities on campus for students to enjoy and many peers to interact with. Goucher College is one of 20 colleges and universities in the Baltimore area; there are more than a total of 100,000 students in the area in all. Aside from the 60 clubs and student organizations, Goucher College has many sports for men and women to compete in against their peers.  On campus for students there is a six-lane synthetic outdoor track, eight tennis courts, two gymnasiums, six-lane swimming pool, and Cardio Fitness Center to name a few amenities. At this time, there are a total of 17 intercollegiate teams.

Currently Goucher College has online or distance learning program available for graduate students, they also require undergraduate students to participate in at least one international study program or internship. There are advantages Goucher College has to offer students in the many avenues. Goucher College has a variety of degree programs and several of fields of study for students to major in. The collegiate atmosphere will increase the likelihood for personal realization and networking and there is an abundance of possibilities for students to get ahead before and after graduation.

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