Grad Bash at Universal

It’s nearly time for Universal’s 2013 Grad Bash. For those who don’t know what this is, it’s basically a celebration prior to a class’ graduation – hosted at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida. The parks in question are basically closed off to the public – and opened only for senior classes of various schools that sign up for it. For an overview of the night’s festivities, here’s a list of 2013’s features:

The mastermind behind Grad Bash (photo by ewen and donabel)

The mastermind behind Grad Bash (photo by ewen and donabel)

  • Live Concerts (featuring Pitbull for this year)
  • Access to the rides at the two parks, including: The Incredible Hulk Coaster, Men in Black: Alien Attack, and Despicable Me Minion Mayhem
  • DJs (featuring
  • Dance Parties
  • Street Entertainers
  • Karaoke

Not to mention that the event lasts from Friday night until roughly four in the morning the next day – which is a big perk.

One of the cons to the event is the fact that a dress code is required – not by schools, but by Universal Studios. Schools are inclined to enforce it upon entering the parks, though. Here’s basically the list of rules to follow in deciding what to wear:


  • Dresses, Skirts, Capris, or Bermuda Shorts (although I’m not exactly sure who would want to wear dresses or skirts to an amusement park)
  • Jeans are alright as well
  • Casual blouses
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Small purses (look at this link for exact description of purse size)


  • Casual pants or shorts (no sagging!)
  • Shirts with sleeves
  • Comfortable shoes

In order to keep from potential threats of violence or acts of violence, it is essential that in picking attire, one does not choose to go with a school, sports, or gang themed article of clothing.

Another con to Grad Bash is that you are, although not expected to stay with your chaperone, to stay within the amusement parks and not roam off elsewhere. In fact, though you may be able to drive, you are expected to go with your school – whether through transit or private transportation – to Grad Bash.

Want to be a chaperone or involve your school in the wonder that is Universal’s Grad Bash? Chaperones will receive extra benefits for helping make Grad Bash possible for the students there. For example, chaperones will have the benefits of a free Universal Express Ride Access pass, free admission, free breakfast, and chaperone-only lounges.

The reason Grad Bash is such a popular event is because it is one of the last hurrahs of our high school careers. It is one of the last times we will collectively be with our classmates, to make and share memories that you will treasure through your lifetime. From being ridiculously tired and stumbling around the parks due to lack of sleep, to laughing and taking pictures, listening to music, and nearly peeing yourself from fear of thrill rides, there is much to be said about Grad Bash – provided you do not fall asleep. Although we won’t know majority of the people we know now after high school, it is still a good idea to expand on good memories before we leave and go onto what is called “the real world” outside of high school.

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