Graduation and the Emotions That Rush in


Many emotions, thoughts. and feelings roll into a student’s mind when they graduate from high school. It is important to ease your mind and feel prepared for your future.(photo credit LauraLewis23)

Yes you are graduating, the time has come. Part of you wants to run out of the school hollering and cheering. Another part of you wants slowly walk back into the school and go back into a familiar classroom with a familiar teacher  with familiar students. Change is a good thing, do not be scared. It is perfectly normal to be feeling mixed emotions about graduation. It is a huge step in your life and it is a lot to get adjusted to. But realize and remember that you would not be allowed to graduate if you were not ready. You have been preparing for this moment for years. Your parents and teachers have given you the advice and tools you will need. Now it is time to go out into the world and prove yourself. Use what you have learned and excel.

It is common to feel lost or unsure. You have been used to a certain group of people for many years now. You probably have gotten close to some. You have shared memories and secrets with them. You feel like you may lose some people and you do not think you can handle that. All of those thoughts are perfectly normal. There is nothing weird or weak about them. Some of your friends may be going to the same school as you and you will remain close with them and that is great. You can experience college together and become adjusted to a new place with a familiar person. Having a friend at a new place makes it an easier transition. You may also be going to a new place where you do not think you know anyone and that is okay too. You are capable of doing  it on your own and making new friends. Just because it feels scary or intimidating, does not mean that it is impossible.

Regardless of your situation, there is people you may not talk to ever again or as much. It is something that we have to accept. With change comes the bad and the good. People come and people go. Those who want to keep in touch, will, remember that. You are going to a new place but it is a place that you want to be in and soon will become your home. Think about when you were first starting middle school or high school, you were so afraid and confused. The structure of the school was unfamiliar and you got separated from close friends. Now when you think about it, you probably know those schools like the back of your hand and you are content with the people you have met.

The key to success is to not necessarily control these feelings but understand them and realize that they do not control you or your life. It is just another phase in your life that you have to face and can face.

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