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Grand View University is a private four year Liberal Arts College located at 1200 Grandview Avenue in the city of Des Moines, Iowa; Grand View University was founded back in the year 1896. At this time Grand View University does not currently offer online or distance learning programs to students, however there are still many different types of scholastic opportunities for students to enroll in as well as many events and activities to participate in. This college has offers many opportunities to those students eager to promote their learning and earning potential.

Today there are currently an estimated 2,100 students enrolled at Grand View University attending classes on campus; the college requires all undergraduates to live on campus, minus a few exceptions. At this time 90 faculty members employed on the academic staff and the student to faculty ratio is fourteen to one. The average class size at Grand View University is typically sixteen students. Grand View University offers liberal arts degrees in over 35 different majors and 29 minors of study; the university has many courses to aid students in preparing for their career goals.  Some of the most popular undergraduate majors available to students are graphic design, nursing, education, mass communication and business administration; there are many more majors for students to choose from.

Grand View University provides classes through the colleges and schools on campus. The university also offers graduates students a Master’s of Science in Innovative Leadership. Aside from this graduate degree, there are still many different departments at Grand View University offering students wide variety of majors to enroll in to pursue their educational and certification goals; there are also majors available in history, human services, criminal justice, computer science, religion and political studies to name a few . Grand View University offers many possibilities to students to aid in projecting their potential and possibilities.

The urban campus consists of many facilities to provide amenities to all types of students. There are currently many different student organizations to choose from at Grand View University. Aside from these groups, Grand View University provides athletics for students to participate in; there are currently several teams available to students as the Grand View University is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. Grand View University provides twenty four different sports for men (including wrestling) and women student athletes to compete in throughout the year. These are just some of the opportunities available to students to keep active on campus there are still many more.

At this time there are no online or distance learning programs currently available for students at this college, however there are rewards Grand View University has to offer students on campus. The commendable education here increases the likelihood for academic and vocational prosperity for the future and there are many options available throughout the year to keep even the liveliest students content.

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