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Where you a good boy or girl this year? Did Santa bring you something technological for the holidays this year? If you are reading this on a new Android phone, Iphone, or Tablet computer, then nows the time to buy the bells and whistles for your new contraption. If you are a student, here are a handful of great apps that will make your studies a lot more organized and a lot less stressful.

Is a tablet or phone how you will take your next course? Photo by sidduz

Swiftkey 3 costs about two bucks, but it worth taking a look at for anyone who writes or takes notes on their tablet or phone. Swiftkey takes a baseline reading of your writing and typing habits, and the common vocabulary you use, and adapts constantly to modify itself to one particular user. This sort of next-gen predictive typing software is very useful for those students taking notes or writing in a field with lots of long, hard-to-spell words. Let’s say you’re writing a paper where the phrase “mineral trioxide aggregate” comes up a lot. At times like that, Swiftkey 3 can save a whole lot of time.

SanDisk Memory Zone allows the user to manage all files, as a hub for maintaining and backing up everything from your device, and from all cloud-based memory. So in addition to managing the phone’s internal memory, and its external SD card, it also connects cloud-based services Dropbox, SugarSync, Google Docs, and Picasa. This app collects all data in one simple, easy to browse place, and since its free, it’s a good resource to keep a student connected to all his or her information

Pubmed Mobile Android app is the premier app for scientific article searches. So while it may not be helpful for everyone, it is essential for certain students. In a nutshell, this app provides instant scannable access to over nineteen million published scientific research articles. There is a free trial version, but the full version only runs three bucks.

Document Scanner is exactly what it sounds like – it turns the camera of your phone into a document scanner, which can convert any document you scan into a PDF file. The flexibility of the app software makes it very easy to use – to add or delete pages from a file, re-order the pages of a document, and compress the document to take up less space. Then the PDF can be sent to any other PC or handheld device and printed.

ASL Dictionary is another app with a limited appeal, but containing essential information for people in a particular field. This is the popular app for the American Sign Language association, and it contains about five thousand two hundred different signs, all cross-referenced and able to be browed, scanned, and called up as quickly as a person’s fingers can move. This makes the app a must-have reference for anyone involved with communicating with the hearing impaired.

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  1. Elissa says:

    I vote for Superflashcard, it’s the flashcard app I have used for 1 year. I changed my habit when I used it since I can know how to use my memory and my brain to remember smartly. My friends install this app on their phone. Its UI is friendly and approachable. We can create flashcard to study every day and it’s useful for my exam

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