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More than ever before, parents are choosing to take control of their childrens education and teach in a home school environment. After finding an accredited program and getting the required materials to teach, what comes next? If you want to try out home school, but have no idea how to actually teach, there are hundreds upon hundreds of web sites out there dedicated to helping you out.

Home school is becoming an option for more and more parents, photo by woodleywonderworks

Home school is becoming an option for more and more parents, photo by woodleywonderworks

These are a few of the best.

The Homeschool Classroom – This one is by, for, and about moms who home school their children. The site is rife with tips and tricks for effectively home schooling your kids, but equally full of inspirations and laughs. Having a great attitude about home school can make all the difference, and this site tries to make it a fun, uplifting, and educational experience for everyone involved.

Simple Home School – If you are a seasoned pro at home school, a novice, or a looky loo trying to figure out if its right for your family, this site seeks to present information as plainly and simply as possible. Several regular bloggers contirbute, as to frequent visitors to the site, providing wisdom, and techniques on how to simplify and improve the home school exerience.

Home School Village – This site is rooted in Christian fundamentals, but that doesn’t mean it is a relligious themed site. It is all inclusive, focusing on children and bringing adults and parents together to help enhance the experience and education for all children. All visitors are considered part of a community, and encouraged to work together, share information, and report monthyl results and stories of their home schooling.

Home School Mosaics – As the title suggests, the goal of this site is to bring together people who use different styles or programs for home schooling. By comparing and contrating these different ways of educating, the site wants to build a better way of teaching kids. New bloggers and writers are brought in constantly, to provide new points of view.

Hip Home School Moms – This is a personality-driven site created by two home school moms, Sue and Meghan, who want to make home school as fun as possible. This site wants to make home school easier by using humor, friendship, and communication.

Home School Blog Awards – As the title suggests, this site is home to the Home School Blog Awards, and thus is a great repository of links and connections to a great many blogs about education and home school. But beyond that, they also have a regular roster of bloggers who cover a wide range of topics on the subject.

Magic and Mayhem – Unlike most of these other blogs, this one isn’t a collaborative effort. It’s written by a woman named Alicia, who some how finds time to write a funny, useful blog several times a week in between running her own home school.

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