Great Jobs for Liberal Arts Majors part two

Liberal Arts degrees are attractive on paper, but how do they fare in the real world? Literature, poetry, history, these are courses that might have been fascinating subjects of study, but they do not translate into skills that employers look for. I want to give you a few options – let’s say you already have a Liberal Arts degree, what can you do with it? What are some good jobs that piece of sheepskin will help you attain? Here are a few ideas to get you starts, jobs that do not require a scientific or technical four year degree. But first, check out Part One of this blog, to make sure you’re not missing anything important.)

Your liberal arts degree might get you a job in the gaming business, photo by Triin Q

Your liberal arts degree might get you a job in the gaming business, photo by Triin Q

Gaming Manager – Do you have a two or four year degree? Can you pass a background check? Then you may be qualified for a job in the gaming business. In the old days the Pit Boss was the floor supervisor, but in terms of job postings, the position is called a Gaming Manager. This job requires you to oversee and supervise gaming dealers, wait staff, and other employees of a casino or gaming room. Attention to detail, and having a good demeanor with people are both requisites for this line of work.

Stockbroker – While it is true that most stockbrokers have their degrees in finance, business, or accounting, this is nor a requirement. If you have a four year degree of any kind, and can pass the necessary exams (Series 7 and Series 63 exams for licensure), then you can get your foot in the door. A stockbroker works for a brokerage, buying, selling and trading securities, and sometimes works with the general public, either advising them or making trades on their behalf. This is a career defined more by results, and less by your resume, than most fields.

General Manager (or Operations Manager) – This is a broad classification, but one rife with opportunities. A general manager is exactly what it sounds like, overseeing the general operations of a company (public or private), or a department within that company. Setting and enforcing policy, supervising workers, hiring and firing, the job duties are vast, and will be different from job to job. Having the four year degree will qualify you for this kind of job, but having specific experience with the type of work being done (construction, IT, pharmaceutical, etc) will help you land it.

Sales Manager – You know the different between a salesperson and a sales manager? A degree. More responsibility, more money, and less actual sales.

Community Service Manager – Nonprofit organizations, as well as the government, sponsor social and community service and outreach programs. These programs need smart, educated people to run them: to get involved with the locals, establish contacts with other programs, raise funds, raise awareness, and develop the long term social-oriented goals of the program. These positions sometimes prefer a psychology and sociology degree, so do your research and make sure this job would be a good fit for your career.


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