Great Jobs for Liberal Arts Majors

If you do any amount of research towards what you should get your degree in, you are probably finding one piece of advice that keeps popping up – do NOT get a Liberal Arts degree. Literature, poetry, history, these are courses that might have been fascinating subjects of study, but they do not translate into skills that employers look for. To hammer home the point, here is an editorial piece written by an employer describing exactly why he avoids Liberal Arts majors.

A liberal arts degree could help you get a job in construction, photo by billjacobus1

A liberal arts degree could help you get a job in construction, photo by billjacobus1

But I’m not blogging to tell you to avoid one degree or another. Today I want to give you a few options – let’s say you already have a Liberal Arts degree, what can you do with it? What are some good jobs that piece of sheepskin will help you attain? Here are a few ideas to get you starts, jobs that do not require a scientific or technical four year degree.

Postal Clerk – A four year degree is not required to work for the Post Office. All that is required is for you to take and pass the Civil Service exam. But having a bachelor’s degree will certain get you noticed, because the USPS prefers employees to have college degrees. Duties for this job include sorting and delivering mail and packages, selling stamps, dealing with customers. The Post Office pays a competitive wage, and offers a handsome benefits package.

Claims Adjustor – These workers document any kind of insurance claim, from car accidents to acts of God on a house or property. They inspect damage, take pictures, write notes, and call in experts if need be, in order to create an accurate report for the insurance company. Claims adjustors can work for one of the insurance companies, or as an independent contractor.

First Line Supervisor – You got your degree so you wouldn’t have to be a ditch digger, but how about being the Supervisor of a crew of ditch diggers? All kidding aside, all construction crews need a First Line Supervisor, to create the work schedule, monitor the equipment, ordering supplies, inspecting job sites, and dealing with worker relations and issues. Having a background in construction will help you land this job, and so will a four year degree. There are thousands of private construction companies, as well as Federal, State, and local government construction crews.

Insurance Underwriter – Although both jobs are for the insurance industry, this one is vastly different from a claims adjustor. An underwriter reviews submitted applications from people seeking insurance (could be health, life, car, home owners, or commercial policies) and looks for potential risks. Then you decide to approve, deny, or modify a policy. A four year degree will get you started, and working your way up depends on ability and experience.

News Analyst—If you have a strength for public speaking, take your degree into the news business. A news analyst (either for television or radio) may perform interviews and read and write news stories for the air. It’s not an easy business to break into, but most times no degree is required, and so a four year degree will give you an edge.

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