Great Jobs for Political Science Majors

Political Science is a social science that studies the systems and behaviors of politics and government. How does the State operate, and how do the people respond? Howe to governments work together, or against one another? This discipline covers political theory, public law, international relations, public administration, and comparative politics.

Use your poli sci degree to work for a campaign, or for the government. Photo by Congressman George Miller

Use your poli sci degree to work for a campaign, or for the government. Photo by Congressman George Miller

It’s a fascinating field of study, that often crosses over with other fields (law, history, sociology, and psychology to name a few), but what can you do with that degree once you’ve earned it? Here are a few suggestions.

Work for the Government – This is the obvious one. There are local, state, and federal government positions open all the time, and the larger government grows, the more seats need to be filled. This should be your first choice, if you are looking for stability.

Work for a Political Party – Individual politicians have their own support staff, but the political parties also employ people. Democrats and Republicans both utilize many volunteer workers, but always need sharp political minds to fill out their professional ranks. Or choose a young upstart political party that you believe in.

Political Campaign Worker – Find a candidate you believe in and join their campaign. Use your knowledge to help them acquire votes and master the political issues of the day. This is a job where you have the potential to make the most impact. It’s a great opportunity to gain invaluable experience. However, the pay won’t be great.

Political Media – Instead of making two separate entries for web sites and print media, I lumped them all together. There are dozens of newspapers and magazines with an overtly political slant (be it liberal, conservative, Libertarian, or just plain whacko), and thousands of similar websites. All of these media outlets needs writers and commentators to deliver their opinion on the news, and to do it in a way to make people care. There are also more and more tv shows of this nature popping up, but honestly you won’t be able to start omn the Daily Show with John Stewart before paying your dues as a writer.

Government Relations – This is the opposite end of working for the government. This job is important for many companies, corporations, and non-profit groups, all of whom need to coordinate with the government on certain legal, financial, or policy matters. Making government work for a particular business requires knowledge of government workings, and of the business world.

Teach School – You’ve got the degree and the knowledge, why not pass it along to the next generation? You can educate them, and also help them to understand the complexities of politics and government.

 Lobbyist – Also called a policy advocate, a lobbyist works to get certain laws or regulations passed (or defeated) in government votes. Lobbyists tend to be vilified in the media, but it is a well paying job with a long tradition in our political system.

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