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If you are going to school for fashion design, then simply doing the course work is not enough. Fashion is all about trends and styles, and without keeping an eye on current cycles in the fashion world (and the general public) then you won’t have a firm grasp on the subject. Fashion shows, launches of product lines, celebrity endorsements on red carpets, which designers and looks are trending, and which ones are over – without keeping abreast of current events, a fashion student is really missing out.

If you are studying fashion, bookmark these sites to keep current on trends, photo by Alaskan Dude

If you are studying fashion, bookmark these sites to keep current on trends, photo by Alaskan Dude

To keep up with everything you need to know, fashion students and fashionistas should try to keep up with the following blogs.

Polyvore – If Pinterest and Tumblr had a baby in love with fashion, it would be Polyvore. I’m not sure what is more impressive, the amount of articles and pictures they have, or the incredible site lay out that makes it so easy to navigate. Multiple search features amd easy links make it quick to find any specific topic or designer you want. Or just browse, and spend all day stumbling upon great looks. Also coolis how easy it is to link anything from the site to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Tumblr.

The Sartorialist – When Scott Scuman started this site, his goal was to open up a direct avenue from the fashion industry to the reality of day to day life. The writer and photographer has had his work published in GQ, Vogue Paris, and Vogue Italy, among other high profile fashion mags, and yet most of his work is featured only on his site. Check out lines, read reviews, and see lots of pics of hot new fashions on the runway and the red carpet.

Vogue – In the world of fashion magazines, there are many great names, but the name Vogue towers above them all. For decades it has been the premier fashion and beauty magazine. And as one would expect, their web site is just as glamourous and informative as their monthly. This is truly a multi-media site, with pics, videos, articles,blogs, music, and more, covering fashion, beauty, parties, celebrity news, and culture.

Elle – Ellse Magazine is just as well established and well read at Vogue, but it is, and has always been, a magazine geared towards real people instead of high-fashion elites. In addition to the news and reviews of new fashions and designers, there are also self help blogs, rumor and breaking news on celebrity dirt, tips for hair and make up, and a lot more. Elle is the fashion magazine for real women (and men) who love fashion but don’t devote their whole life to it.

Go Fug Yourself – Because we all need some laughs. These are all fashion-based laughs.

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