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We all have to write. Those of us in school have to write a lot. If you are a novice writer looking for tips, or an old dog trying to learn new tricks, these are the sites you need to book mark on your computer. For any level of experience, rookie to Stephen King, these on line resources will help make you a better writer.

Check out these must-visit sites for writers, photo by Pascal Maramis

Check out these must-visit sites for writers, photo by Pascal Maramis

Fan Story – This community-oriented website allows authors to submit their works to the site, to receive feedback, editing, and critiques from other site users. It’s a great to get notes on your writings projects, and also has a vast library writing contests and competitions.

Auto Crit Editing Wizard – If you don’t want to submit your work to the masses for feed back, you can go the opposite route and use this program, which scans your writing for errors. In a matter of minutes it can scan an entire book and give you a report on what needs changing – from spelling and grammar errors to overly used words, and even slow pacing. I won’t replace a human editor entirely, but it does a lot of the heavy work.

MIT Open Course – Through out the year, this prestigious university offers a variety of free on line courses, including some great writing courses likes hort story writing, communication, rhetoric, science writing, and technical writing. Check out the site for yourself, there are too many classes to list here. But for any writer than needs to learn new writing skills, you need to check this site out.

Literary Law Guide – Do you need legal advice relating to your writing? Do you have questions about contracts, rights, or libel and slander? How much do you know about copyrighting? This web site is made just for you, providing legal resources and guides for writers to work from.

Writing – With over a million registered users, Writing is one othe biggest writing sites in the world, with a plethora of content that is hard to match. Set up a free account, get an email, and start your on line portfolio. Uses the dozens of tools and resources they have, read the hundreds of writing blogs, or search through the list of writing contests.

Good Reads – Part of being a writer is being a reader. This is probably the best site on the net for readers; track your favorite authors or genres, read the favorite books list from your friends, enter contests for free books from up and coming writers. It doesn’t offer a lot by way of writing tools, but it does function as a literate version of Facebook.

Writers Digest – If you are interested in becoming a professional writer, this site can’t be beat. The Digest is well known as one of the best writing magazines in the country, and it brings all that experience to the web with incredible articles and resources for getting yourself published.

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