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Green Mountain College can be found at One Brennan Circle in the town of Poultney, Vermont. The original meek rendering of the four year environmental liberal arts college was originally founded by the Troy Conference of the United Methodist Church in the year of 1834.  Green Mountain College has an environmental liberal arts general education program that consists of specifically tailored courses all students at the college complete. Green Mountain College is a private institute that provides students accreditation in an Environmental Liberal Arts Program as well as bachelors and master’s degree programs.

The 155 acre campus has a ropes course, hiking trails, athletic fields, and a farm with a garden; this region really is a central place for knowledge and progressive thought. The total enrollment at Green Mountain College is an estimated 820 total students; there are a total 45 full time faculty members at Green Mountain College; more than 91% of the full time faculty members have doctorate degrees in their field; the student to faculty ratio is a modest 14 to 1.  Green Mountain College has many diverse enlightening possibilities for students to follow.

At this time, Green Mountain College offers a total of 22 undergraduate majors 27 minors for students to pursue their academic aspirations. Green Mountain College offers post-baccalaureate and graduate programs based on the undergraduate programs. Green Mountain College does offer distance learning programs and online courses to students to aid students in achieving their goals. Currently, Green Mountain College offers a Masters of Business Administration and a Master’s of Science in Environmental Studies as well.  The college offers special program such as the Farm and Food Project, Service Learning and Sustainability, Eco-League, Honors Program, Progressive Program, Certificate in Resort Management and the REED Certificate Program.  Apart from school, there are many other types of activities for students to engage in to keep active throughout the school year.

Besides participating in the clubs and student organizations, Green Mountain College has many sports for men and women to compete in against their peers. Green Mountain College is affiliated with the NCAA Division III and offers many sports to students, some are; lacrosse, soccer, softball, volleyball, basketball, cross country, and golf. Green Mountain College also offers club sports to students such as rugby and Ultimate Frisbee. These are just some of the few options available to students at this time for on campus activities.

Currently Green Mountain College does not have online or distance learning program available for graduate or undergraduate students. However, there are still unique advantages Green Mountain College has to offer students in many ways. Green Mountain College has a variety of degree programs and several of fields of study for students to major in that are not offered at most colleges.  The community setting will favor students and foster personal growth and interacting and there are still many opportunities for students to get ahead before and after they have graduated from Green Mountain College.

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