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Greenville College is a four year liberal arts college located in the town of Greenville, Illinois. The college was founded in the year of 1892 and the campus is located around 45 miles away from St. Louis. Greenville College offers degrees for undergraduate, graduate, pre-professional and adult degree completion programs. The college was actually the first in the nation to have a wireless network campus-wide. Greenville College has many other innovative programs to offer students, they also offer online courses and distance learning degree programs for students to further their education while managing their day to day busy schedules. This college has been affiliated with the Methodist church since conception and remains to be a wise choice for an academic intuition.

The total enrollment of Greenville College is 1,600 students; the student to faculty ratio is 15 to 1 at this time. On campus, there are more than 50 majors for students to choose from. Some of the majors they offer on campus are the Mathematics Major, Management, History & Political Science Major, Early Childhood Education Major, and Mass Communication Major to name a few. They also offer adult and graduate degrees, as well as teacher degrees; many of the students are pre-med also. There are also many innovative programs on campus to aid students in their day to day activities, such as; digital bulletin boards across campus, Smart Technology classrooms, Wi-Fi everywhere on campus and student email using Gmail to name a few.

Greenville College online courses and distance learning degree programs to students that may not be able to make it campus on a regular basis. The college offers a state of the art web module that is reliable and makes learning easy for the student so they may learn with flexibility at the convenience of their schedule. Greenville College offers four different options for students interested in completing programs online; the programs the college has available are Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership, a Master of Arts in Education – Teacher Leadership, Education Endorsements or High School Dual Enrollment. Some of the online courses students could take are Medical Terminology, Emerging Diseases, Basic Driver Education, Finite Mathematics and Introduction to the Fine Arts to name a few. There are many options available to students to further their education and gain accreditation online at Greenville College.

This college offers a favorable environment for academia and educated students, whether it is on campus or from the student’s home.  This small Methodist college has been innovative since conception, on campus students may have access to cutting edge amenities; from home, students will benefit from the flexibility the courses offer as well as the ability to complete a degree opposed to simply transferring the credits to another college. The major areas of study at this college are music, media, business, communications, management, education and biology/pre-med. Whether the student is close to campus or chooses to learn online, Greenville College is a wise choice.

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