Guide On Going Back To School After Break

Before the Christmas break, I talked about how to study over the break. If you have been studying and have already finished all the homework, good job! Now the break is almost over, you may be ready or not ready to go back to school. Do not worry and here is a guide on going back to school freshly after the break:

Some students may experience anxiety when going back to school after a break. (Photo by arkworld)

Some students may experience anxiety when going back to school after a break. (Photo by arkworld)

Step One: How to Be Ready Mentally

Many students have experienced anxiety before going back to school after a break. They may not be able to fall asleep the night before school or even get sick physically. Here is what you could do to adjust your mood or attitude:

  • Make sure you can get everything done over the break. A main reason why some students feel worried to go back to school is that they have not finished all assignments due on the first day they go back. If¬†unfortunately you are the one who decided to do all the homework on the last day of break, you should not be anxious, because it can only waste your time. Calm down and breathe, then do your best to finish as many assignments as you can.
  • Many students may also feel lazy to go back to school. That is completely normal. Who does not like being relaxed? But you should tell yourself that working hard in school will carry you further. Do not be lazy and just face the fact that you have to go to school. Why not be happy if you are going back to school anyway?
  • On the last day of break, you should relax with your family or friends as well as getting mentally ready for school. You may read a book or make your plan for the school week, so you are changing back to the school mode a little bit.

Step Two: How to Be Ready Physically

Being healthy and fresh is important for you to perform well in school.

  • Go to bed early and get up early several days before the break ends, so you can get back to the school schedule.
  • Eating healthy will never harm you, instead, it benefits you.
  • Do some exercise and you will feel fresh!
  • Invite your friends to play tennis or other sports with you and have fun.

Step Three: Back-to-school Guide for Parents Who Have Little Kids

Little kids are more likely to get nervous about going back to school. Parents should help them to deal with that.

  • Tell them that it is normal to be anxious, but it is not necessary and will only have bad influence on them.
  • Ask them what they are worried about and tell them what to do for some basic situations.
  • Help them to make a plan for the school week and weekend after it.
  • Help them to get organized
  • Ask them to go to bed early and make sure they eat a good breakfast before leaving for school
  • Finally, tell them you love them and remind them to relax and have fun at school.

For more tips for parents to deal with their kids’ school anxiety, check this link.

And check this website for easing the transition back to school.

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