Hand Held Education — The Best Apps for Students (Part Two)

Education is trending towards mobile. Here is an overview of some great mobile education apps and platforms. Check here for Part One.

This is one of thousands of maps available with the app, photo courtesy Photoshop Roadmaps

History Maps of the World – For anyone in a history course, a geography course, an anthropology course, or anyone like me who is just a history buff, this free app is a godsend. Using it, you can pull up maps from all over the world from any time in history for which there are maps. A search function allows you to pull up country, region, time period, or key word. Learning dates and locations just got a little bit easier, as now the past can come alive with a high def visual learning tool.

Monster Anatomy – Monster refers to the size of the app, and how much information it contains, not that it has anything to do with the anatomy of monsters (which also sounds like a cool app). Explore hundreds of contiguous MR slices in the three anatomical planes in what is describes as an “interactive lower limb radiology atlas.” With multiple displays modes and thousands of tags, this app boils down thousands of pages of text and loads all that raw data into your hand-held, making it insanely easy to reference and cross-reference. The cost is about nine bucks, which seems high compared to most apps, but is stunningly cheap when compared to the usual cost of medical reference texts and study aids.

eTextbooks and iBooks – The two apps both serve the same function, but with slight differences. They offer access to over ninety percent of all commonly used textbooks on the market.eTextbooks has a greater range of textbook titles, and the iBooks offers a wider diversity of classics and fiction (more useful for a liberal arts courseload). Both apps are free to download, although you must still pay for the books you download.

Dictionary.com – This one seems like a no-brainer, right? Some people might even argue that with internet capability on your phone, why is this even necessary? For the same reason its necessary to have a print dictionary in your house – it’s a consistent, steady reference that can be used (and is often needed) in any type of course you could ever take. Sure its basic, but without the basics its impossible to reach the higher levels. This one is a must have. And the price is free.

Instapaper Pro — Even if your campus has Wi-Fi everywhere, that doesn’t mean that you won’t ever leave campus. Instapaper Pro makes it so that even if you don’t have a constant Wi-Fi connection, you can have constant access to articles and news posts that you enjoy. With Instapaper Pro, you can surf the web casually, and when you come across longer articles that interest you, save them to your iPad for later offline reading. This app now has iPad compatibility, making excellent use of the increased real estate

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