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Harrington College of Design is located on 200 West Madison Street in Chicago, Illinois; the college was founded by Frances Harrington a practicing interior designer from New York, in the year 1931. Although Harrington College of Design does not currently offer online or distance learning programs to students but there are still a variety of educational opportunities to enroll in as well as many events and activities for students to partake in.

Today Harrington College of Design offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees to students. At this time Harrington College of Design provides an Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design and Digital Photography. The college also offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design and Communication Design as well. Harrington College of Design also offers a Masters of Arts in Interior Design in addition to a Masters of Interior Design degree.  Degrees are offered through the three schools on campus, the Interior Design College, Digital Photography College and the Communication Design College.

Communication Design programs can be the essential step toward a satisfying life as a professional Senior Graphic Designer that manages a team of designers or an even as working as an illustrator. Other possibilities are positions as an Account Manager, or Production Manager that sees a design solution through to completion, an Art Director that consults with customers, copywriters and art staff to advance the design and copy that go into drafts used in media perhaps even a Studio Manager. Communication Design is meant to prepare students for their success in their future career aspirations.

The Interior Design College offers 3 levels of accreditation. In the Master of Arts degree program at Harrington College students can gain a thorough understanding of the industry and improve the applicable skills for their desired field. The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design program allows students in the degree program to have a chance to improve a comprehension of how to work with a range of design project types and users encourage the outlooks, traits, and morals of professional responsibility, liability and efficiency. The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Interior Design program can aid students in accepting the basics of art and design, theories of design human behavior and discipline-related history. Students will also study how to create basic floor plans centered on client specifications.

The specialized Associate Degree students can obtain through the digital photography program on the campus of the Harrington College of Design can help prepare students for a variety of disciplines within the ever changing industry of professional photography. Some of the potential fields of employment available to today’s commercial photographers are Advertising Photography, Editorial Photography, Architectural Photography, Commercial Photography, and Corporate Photography.

At this time there are no online or distance learning programs currently available for students at Harrington College of Design, however there are benefits Harrington College of Design has to offer students on campus. The valued education here increases the chances for academic prosperity for the future and there are many options available throughout the year to keep even the most active students content.

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