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Hartwick College is located in the town of Oneonta, New York; this non-denominational, private, four-year liberal arts and sciences college was founded in the year 1797. Today, the campus of the college is set on 425 rural acres in the northern foothills of the Catskill Mountains; Oneonta has actually been ranked as a top ten college town in the nation. Hartwick College does not currently offer online or distance learning programs to students but there are still many different types of educational opportunities to enroll in as well as many events and activities and sports for students to attend throughout the year.

Today, the total enrollment at Hartwick College is approximately 1,531 students; More than 82% of these students live in college housing on campus. There is currently 187 employed academic staff members at Hartwick College, 104 are full-time employees. The current student to faculty ratio is 11.4 to one and the average class size is 18 students. Ninety seven percent of the full-time faculty has the highest degree in their fields at Hartwick College. The institution offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees to students.

There are currently 31 majors leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree offered by Hartwick College for students to choose from. There are 11 special minors to choose from and pre-professional programs in law, medicine, and engineering as well to name a few. Some of the more popular majors among students offered at Hartwick College are Accounting, Anthropology, Art, Art History, Biochemistry, Business Administration, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Economics, and Education. These are just some of the options available to students there are still many more for them to choose from.

Apart from the time spent in class and the library; there are many activities on and around campus for people to get involved in during the school year at Hartwick College; the campus is just a short drive from New York City, Philly, the Pocono Mountains, and the Jersey Shore. There are many sites in the city and tri state area to keep any student entertained throughout their time at Hartwick College. There are several student groups at Hartwick College also and many more activities as well as sports for students to get involved in. Hartwick College currently has 17 varsity teams for students to compete in; nine are for men and eight for women. Hartwick College has an all-weather field, a pool and fitness center to support student athletic competition.

Even though there are no online or distance learning programs currently available for students at this college, there are still benefits Hartwick College has to offer students on campus. The quality education and modest student body in addition to the urban atmosphere here increases the chances for academic prosperity and fun times and there are many options available during the year to keep even the most active residents pleased.

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