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Harvard, the nation’s first higher education school that was brought up in 1909, has made a large impact on the world as we know it education-wise. Nonetheless, they are still, today, making a great impact on the world of education by accommodating to the changing, ever-spinning world. In fact, Harvard Extension School has reported been reviewed as 98% of surveyors saying they were “very or generally” satisfied with the quality of their coursework and academic experience.┬áBeing one of the twelve degree-granting schools of Harvard University, Harvard Extension School is widely known by affiliation – and living up to the Harvard status and prestige with no issue. A student can use Harvard Extension School for taking a course (for knowledge’s sake,) earning certifications, and even working towards a degree.

Harvard Extension School is just one of many Harvard schools! (photo by Patricia Drury)

Harvard Extension School is just one of many Harvard schools! (photo by Patricia Drury)

Harvard Extension School offers free classes to the public as well as classes you would pay for – as a Harvard Extension student. There is a fifty dollar registration fee to the school, as well as tuition, which ranges from nine hundred and ninety five dollars to one thousand nine hundred fifty per undergrad and graduate courses. Compared to the average tuition, which is constantly skyrocketing, this is cheap and could be easily done with simple financing! In contrast to spending over ten thousand per year at a university close to you, you can attend Harvard Extension school and, in total, spend eight thousand for a four year track!

Harvard Extension is even different in how they admit students. Instead of relying on standardized testing, which many can refute is unworthy of being an accurate measure of success, instead, you simply pass three Extension degree courses – and you are able to continue your education as a Harvard Extension student. However, as in any school, there are still exams and policies you must follow upon becoming a student. Just as in any school, you could be put on academic probation for failure to comply with the policies of Harvard Extension school.

As you know, here at distancelearning, we revere the ability to complete schooling online to be a wonderful addition and practical use of technology. Harvard Extension School offers over two hundred courses online to meet your needs – if you can’t come to physical classes (in which case, there are over six hundred.) Through many lecture videos and web conferences between you, your peers, and your professor, you are able to grow as a student, acquire the education you desire for future success in the career field, and all the while, keep the lifestyle you are living by taking the courses on your schedule.

If you are looking for a great way to complete a credible degree from a distance learning website, Harvard Extension School may be for you. With master’s degrees attainable in fields such as Biotechnology, Museum Studies, and Management, your goal may be quite closer than you believe! For those who are looking to be students part-time as they dive into the workforce, and for those who are looking to be full-time students but not desiring to go to a physical school, Harvard Extension offers what you are looking for.

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  1. Nafisul Islam says:

    What are the registration requirements for Masters of Marketing Program?
    I did not find this answer on the website.

    Besides, After registration, what will be my next step? Will Authority evaluate my past test scores and other skills? OR i directly come to campus and start classes?

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