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Harvey Mudd College is located on 301 Platt Boulevard in Claremont, California; this private residential liberal arts college was founded in the year 1955. Today, Harvey Mudd College is the nation’s top liberal arts college for engineering, science and mathematics; at this time the college educates undergraduates only. The campus is 44 and one half acres and has a complex of nine academic buildings and eight dormitories clustered around. There are also dining commons and campus center stand in the central area as well  Harvey Mudd College does not currently offer online or distance learning programs to students but there are a collection of high quality academic programs to enroll in as well as many events and activities for students to partake in.

Today, the total enrollment at Harvey Mudd College is approximately 756 students; nearly all of these students are residential, 99% of them live on campus. There are 82 employed academic staff members at Harvey Mudd College; all of the faculty have doctorate degrees in their field. The student to faculty ratio is more than eight to one; 66% of classes at Harvey Mudd College have less than 20 students, and more than 80% of classes have fewer than 30 students most often.

The institution offers undergraduate degrees to students. Harvey Mudd College is a member of the greater network of The Claremont Colleges; the college participates in 4 dual degree programs with other members of The Claremont Colleges network.  There are currently many different majors offered by Harvey Mudd College for students to choose from. Some of the more popular majors among students offered at Harvey Mudd College are computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, major and joint programs in chemistry and biology, computer science and mathematics, and mathematical biology. These are just some of the options available to students there are still many more.

Aside from class, studying and exams; there are many activities on and around campus for students to get involved in during the school year at Harvey Mudd College. The college is located in a nice location in the suburban Claremont; the campus is just a short drive from Los Angeles. Downtown Los Angeles is about 40 minutes away, the campus is 45 minutes from the desert and less than an hour away from the Pacific beaches, the ski slopes are a mere 25 minutes away. There are several student groups at Harvey Mudd College also and many more activities as well as sports for students to get involved in.

At this time there are no online or distance learning programs currently available for students at this college, however there are advantages Harvey Mudd College has to offer students on campus. The high excellence of education provided here and entertaining possibilities outside of class here upsurges the chances for academic and networking wealth for the future, there are many options available throughout the year to keep even the most animated students satisfied.

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