Has Technology Surpassed Human Ability?

If you haven’t heard of the newest addition to the technology craze, Google Glass, you may want to look it up. In summary, it is pretty much a pair of glasses that essentially present a screen in front of your eyes to give you information, make phone calls, and all of the other hullabaloo of smart phones. People are beginning to say that Google Glass will replace phones altogether.

If technology could talk, would it say that we need to give it a rest? (photo by Michael Cordedda)

If technology could respond emotionally, would it say that we need to give it a rest? (photo by Michael Cordedda)

I said all of that to say what an absolutely scary thought it is that someone could be in conversation with me and completely zone out in their own world. As much as we thought a phone could take us away from people, Google Glass will do all of that times ten. Why? Because it is in front of our faces, not in our pockets. It takes much more effort to pull out a phone than it does to simply look at a screen in front of your face.  Just picture it: as Sergey Brin explains, as depicted by this article, a man squinting at a tiny picture in your right eye, while whispering or perhaps even shouting to himself commands. Beautiful picture, isn’t it? This is essentially what he calls the most efficient way to technologically live your life.

The article then goes on to say that the instrument offers to increase crime rates. The same way that a thief is going to enter a car with little amounts of technology because he can get away with more (such as a car without an alarm,) a thief is going to harass the disoriented and distracted person as they go through their day to day life. Google Glass leaves you vulnerable.

Steve Mann has been quoted to have said, “While the goal of Augmented Reality is to augment reality, an Augmented Reality system often accomplishes quite the opposite. For example, Augmented Reality often adds to the confusion of an already confusing existence, adding extra clutter to an already cluttered world. There seems to be a fine line between Augmented Reality and information overload.”

In an age where the average age of video game players is not what you would probably expect (teenage years, perhaps even early twenties), and is instead in the thirties and forties, this is a sad, sad world. We can hide behind drug usage, we can hide behind aesthetic pleasure, and even sexual pleasure, it is a shame that we are still looking for things to hide behind. The fact of the matter is we need to grow up, have the guts to turn off our phones once in a while, and spend time with family and friends and perhaps even our children.

So has technology surpassed human ability? As of current, no. We are still in control of what we do. However, the more attention we give to this seemingly harmless problem, the deeper we dive into sadness and hiding, which is not the way anyone should want to live.

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