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Haverford College is located on 370 Lancaster Avenue in Haverford, Pennsylvania; this private, coeducational liberal arts college was founded by Quakers in the year 1833. Today, the campus of the college is set on 200 acres; there are 70 major structures on campus, including the 100,000 square-foot Douglas B. Gardner ’83 Integrated Athletic Center as well. The campus is actually a nationally recognized arboretum; there are more than 2,500 trees on campus, including 19 state-champion trees and 400 different species of trees. Haverford College does not currently offer online or distance learning programs to students but there are an assortment of educational opportunities to enroll in as well as many events and sports for students to partake in.

Today, the total enrollment at Haverford College is approximately 1,190 students. There are high quality employed academic staff members at Haverford College; the student to faculty ratio is eight to one.  Approximately 84 percent of the classes have fewer than 25 students enrolled while 39 percent have ten students or fewer attending. Approximately 98% of the students at Haverford College are living on campus, with an estimated half of the faculty actually living on campus. Ninety seven percent of the full-time faculty has the highest degree in their fields at Haverford College; the institution offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees to students. There are currently 31 majors offered by Haverford College for students to choose from. The most popular majors among students offered at Haverford College are biology, economics, english, history, political science, and psychology. These are just some of the options available to students there are still many more.

Apart from class, studying and exams; there are many happenings on and around campus for students to get involved in during the school year at Haverford College. The college is located right outside the city limits of Philadelphia; and just a short drive from New York City, Washington D.C., the Pocono Mountains, and the Jersey Shore. In the immediate area there are 80 colleges and universities and an estimated 300,000 students, the Philadelphia metropolitan area is actually the second-largest congregation of college students on the East Coast, There is certainly a college town feel around campus; there are plenty of ethnic restaurants, coffee houses, bookstores, and pizza and cheesesteak spots, aside from theses there are many sites to see in the great city of Philadelphia. There are several student groups at Haverford College also and many more activities as well as sports for students to get involved in.

At this time there are no online or distance learning programs currently available for students at this college, however there are benefits Haverford College has to offer students on campus. The quality education and large peer group here increases the chances for academic and networking prosperity for the future and there are many options available throughout the year to keep even the most energetic residents content.

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