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Hawaii Pacific University is an independent, not-for-profit, coeducational, nonsectarian institution located at 1164 Bishop Street on the island of Honolulu, Hawaii; the main campus is located in downtown Honolulu. There are three campuses in total in the area linked by a shuttle. There are also seven campuses on military installations on various islands. The college was founded in the year of 1965 and has several state wide campuses in Hawaii as well as the online courses for students to enroll in. Hawaii Pacific University currently offers and 50 undergraduate degree programs and 11 graduate degree  programs for education, graduation and transfer opportunities; they also provide 100% online degree programs for students to further their education in.

The current total enrollment of Hawaii Pacific University is 9,000 students; there are 7,500 undergraduate students and 1,500 postgraduates currently enrolled. The student to faculty ratio is 18 to 1 at this time; at Hawai’i Pacific University there are no teaching assistants in the classroom in effort to retain high quality instruction. There are currently 225 full-time instructional staff and 220 part-time instructional staff employed; eighty percent of the academic staff holds the doctorate degree or the equivalent. Hawaii Pacific University has many other innovative programs to offer students, they also offer online courses and distance learning degree programs for students to further their education while managing their schedules. Some of the majors offered at Hawaii Pacific University are Video Production, Elementary Education, Web Design, Nursing, Economics, Oceanography English, Political Science, Entrepreneurial Studies, Pre-Law and Environmental Studies. There are still many more majors offered of students to enroll in at Hawaii Pacific University for students to enroll in.

Hawaii Pacific University offer online courses and distance learning degree programs to students that are unable to attend campus on a consistent basis. The college offers a state of the art online courses that are dependable and makes learning easy for the student so they may learn with flexibility at the suitability to their schedule. Some of the degrees that are offered at the time are Master of Arts in Organizational Change, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Information Systems, and the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration programs completely online. There are many options available to students to advance their education and gain accreditation online at Hawaii Pacific University.

Hawaii Pacific University offers a beneficial situation for learning and eager students, whether it is on campus or from the student’s home. The college has both online and on campus opportunities for students to take part in, there are many possibilities for students better their education. Hawaii Pacific University has been innovative since conception; on campus students may have access to high quality instructors or from home, students will benefit from this as well as completing a degree opposed to simply transferring the credits to another college. Whether the student is close to campus or must learn from home, Hawaii Pacific University is a wise investment.

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