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Heritage University has made a mission of delivering education to everyone, regardless of geographic location or ethnicity. In fact, their whole academic system is designed to offer the greatest number of people a quality education, even if they can’t reach the campus’s location on the Yakima Indian Reservation in Toppenish, Washington.

Originally Fort Wright College at its inception in 1907, its long and storied history has seen it visit several locations and wear a variety of names before finally becoming Heritage College in 1982 (growing to Heritage University by 2004). What was Fort Wright changed everything from location (it was originally in Spokane) to sponsorship/ownership when a couple women from the Yakima nation convinced business and education leaders in the area to incorporate the new school to acquire the outreach programs of the old college. The newly constructed school expanded its educational offerings of undergrad and graduate degrees and saw the Spokane campus close in 1987 and all students were officially moved to Heritage College.

However, the new school never stopped taking advantage of opportunities to bring education to geographically isolated areas. Presently they offer several distance learning and continuing education options for people in locations as diverse as Hawaii (it had a graduate teacher education program for their outlying island for a few years) and still utilize many outlying schools in Washington (using satellite schools in areas of South Seattle and Moses Lake to deliver Master’s of Education programs and undergrad studies that are fully accredited towards degrees). Their 35+ majors in undergrad study range from nursing to English, though there is a decided focus on education degrees, and the school offers several different avenues to reach your Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees.

Distance learners are very well served here, as they offer completely online degree programs for English B.A.’s, as well as Master’s programs in both English and Education in Professional Studies in Teaching and Learning (a professional certificate for educators). Online undergrad classes are also offered both in hybrid/blended formats involving classwork and Internet learning. All online work, be it for a distance degree or just as a normal class in your course load, are held to the same academic standards as their inclass equivalents, with course materials and online help available at all times for erratic schedules.

In addition, evening, weekend, and the aforementioned satellite programs bring learning to diverse areas, as Heritage strives to keep all those educated who wish to be. The school has a very large minority campus, with a Hispanic community of students that outnumbers all other ethnicities, as well as an expectedly large Native American population. They even ensure that local community colleges are partnered with Heritage in several places in Washington enacting programs that give two year degree holders can apply their credits entirely towards a Bachelor’s degree at the school.

Specializing in delivering education to all looking to learn, regardless of location or schedule, Heritage looks to the learner and asks, “How can we help you help yourself?”.

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