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Hesser College is a for profit college offering New Hampshire residents Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees at several locations across the southern part of the state. With campus’ in Concord, Portsmouth, Nashua, Salem, and on their main campus in Manchester, Hesser has been offering career-oriented education to students since it was just one building in 1900.

Hesser looks to educate students in a way that prepares and informs them academically, but with an eye on providing real world training that is useful not just in the grand sense, but in the local community as well.  The school places high value on “hands-on, employment-related skill building”, mixing traditional general education classes with those that place an emphasis on business and professional skills. Not a trade school, but an accredited college that looks to provide New Hampshire residents (and beyond) with the skills needed to achieve employment at the local level, as well as provide career resources to graduates as they strive to secure jobs and excel at them (graduates of Hesser enjoy a high employment rate after commencement).

With this in mind, Hesser students are offered majors and programs that coincide with the needs of the local community and include Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and Business Administration (both a general one and an Accounting concentration), as well as Psychology. It also offers a good number of Associate degree programs, in immediately employable areas as Paralegal and Medical Assistant to name a few. Diploma and certificate programs are also in place to start off a student, or enhance the skills of already working adult learners.

Hesser’s many locations in southern New Hampshire ensure locations are convenient to most state residents, working with their generous varied course schedules (a great number of these classes are offered evening and weekends to ensure working students can attend). Though not all campus’ offer the same courses that can be remedied by taking classes at locations just a bit further down the road.

Hesser has come to be owned by Kaplan Inc since its inception and expansions, which also allows for students enrolled to have access to distance learning through Kaplan. Though not technically working through Hesser to get your degree by doing online classes through Kaplan, it does allow you to explore many other options and use your Hesser tuition/acceptance as a springboard to allow you greater opportunities for distance learning. Hesser enrollees have complete use of the Kaplan web facilities and can work in conjunction with their Hesser education to achieve even higher levels of education. The school itself, though, does have an extensive online library and offers some online coursework.

The schools, though, are built around the concept of working to better prepare locals to work in the areas local employers need educated help. More than a technical school, Hesser College looks to help students “develop and enhance the skills [needed] to have a successful career”. This student success is a part of Hesser’s mission, both in the class room and beyond, and they’ve spent over a century ensuring their graduates are prepared wholly for the next step.

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