High School Programs That May Interest You (Part Two)

I talked about several interesting high school programs in my previous post, however, there are much more good high school programs other than the ones I introduced last time. So this post will introduce more high school programs that may interest you.

High school firefighter program is right for you if you want to become a firefighter one day. (Photo by Paul Keleher)

High school firefighter program is right for you if you want to become a firefighter one day. (Photo by Paul Keleher)

Program One: Teacher Assisting Program

One of my posts talked about Teacher Assisting Program in detail. It is designed to educate students who want to become a teacher one day.

Program Two: Firefighter/EMR Program

Do you want to become a firefighter and do not know how to make that dream come true  The Firefighter/EMR program is right for you. According to Hillsborough County Public School Choice Option Guide, ” this program is designed to prepare students with knowledge and skills required for Firefighting I.”  Teachers for the program are all professional firefighters from the local area. The teaching styles vary in the program. There may be guest speakers, field trips, and hands-on activities. In Hillsborough county, high schools that have this program include Jefferson High School and Strawberry Crest High School.

Program Three: Academy Of Pharmacy Science

The Academy of Pharmacy Science is a four-year program, which may lead to be registered as pharmacy technicians after high school graduation. The program is designed to help students to become pharmacy technicians and pharmacists by providing rigorous, innovative, hands-on curricula. The courses in the program will teach students anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology, which would help students with pharmaceutical language and calculations. Also, students will have opportunities to practice in real pharmacy. Spoto High School has the program in Hillsborough county.

Program Four: Online High School Programs

Online high schools also have good education programs. For example, Florida Virtual School has  FLVS full-time public program and FLVS full-time home education program. Check this link for more information on those two programs.

Program Five: Health Administration Academy

The health Administration Academy is a business program whose purpose is to help students who are interested in health administration career. The courses will be based on current trend and research about health care administration. Students would have opportunity to participate in clinical experience and take Advanced Placement courses. If you go to Tampa Bay Tech High School for this program, you will be able to join ” both the American College of Health Care Executives and the Health Care Financial Management Association” and “both organizations have chapters in the Tampa area.” ( Hillsborough County Public School Choice Option Guide) To apply to the program at Tampa Bay Tech, call 744-8360, x236.

Program Six: Kinsman Academy

Steinbrenner  High School offers Kinsman program, which includes several Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs centered around the business of sports. The specific programs are as following:

  • Sports Marketing
  • Sports Management
  • Veterinary Assisting (with equine focus)
  • Sports Medicine
  • Information Technology
  • Culinary Arts

Students can choose one of the programs above as their major interest and complete four or more additional courses. The purpose of the program is to help students to prepare for college and future career in sports business.

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