High School Programs That May Interest You

If you are a high school student, or you are going to high school soon, you may have already heard about many schools’ special ┬áprograms. Public high schools usually have their special programs to meet different students’ needs. You may think it is too early to think about what you are interested in and how you want your career to be like. However, choosing high school programs is also important, just like picking a college major. The program you choose in high school can help you prepare for college and find what interests you. Knowing school choices and their special program is important in choosing a high school to attend. This post is going to give some examples of high school programs in Hillsborough County, so you could get an idea of different programs and probably discover your own interest. Check this link, if you want to go through the Hillsborough School Choice Options Book.

Do you want to become a pharmacist? A high school Pharmacy Program is right for you. (Photo by nancyf)

Do you want to become a pharmacist? A high school Pharmacy Program is right for you. (Photo by nancyf)

Program One: Advanced Academy Of Film Production And Design

Are you interested in the film industry? This program is probably right for you. You will get to learn how to use digital media, how to create a video, and so on. And the program would prepare you for a career as ” Texture Artists, Motion Capture Technicians, Multi-Media Artists, Broadcast Technicians, Video Camera Operators, and Video Editors and Producers.” ( as Stated in Hillsborough School Choice Book)

The school that offers this program in Hillsborough County is Spoto High School. Check this link of Spoto High School Film Academy Productions.

You should be able to check your own county’s school choices online, if you are not in Hillsborough County.

Program Two: Advanced Placement Scholars Program

This program’s goal is to multiple AP classes to students and help them be successful in those AP classes. Chamberlain High School and King High School have this program. To Learn more about AP classes, check this post I wrote before. Schools that do not have this program can still offer AP classes. Check with schools to ask if they provides AP classes.

Program Three: Practical Nursing Program

Do you want to become a register nurse in the future? The Practical nursing program may be for you. In Hillsborough county, Lennard High School offers this special program to meet the needs of nurses in the future. The program is a four year program. And students who finish this program have a great chance to get into Hillsborough Community College SouthShore Campus for their Registered Nursing Program.

Program Four: Academy Of Finance

Brandon High School in Hillsborough county has this program. Students who are interested in finance can learn about “financial markets, banking, investments, and financial planning” as said in the official program description. Also, students in this program would have the opportunity to have a paid summer internship and many other activities. If you plan to major in finance in college, this program will definitely prepare you for that.

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