High School Survival Tips

High school is a dramatically influential and impacting experience for everyone. This is when you begin learning about the concepts you never know existed while attempting to maintain a social life and adequate amount of sleep. People claim that you can only have two of the three, but never all of them at once. They are biased because they are unaware of how to balance their time and enjoy high school in between. Luckily, in order to survive you need survival tips. Sounds easy enough, eh?

Do not procrastinate: I do not care how hard it is, do your best to avoid procrastination. It will only hurt you in the end because when the due date rolls around – and it will come quick – you will be extremely stressed. That is due to a lack of time and a rush of thought. The assignment will come out less than average and will leave you with a less than average grade. You see how they go hand in hand? Also, once you start to procrastinate it is hard to stop. That is because when you do try and attempt to do work, you have to complete projects from the other week while finishing the tasks from this week. It is all a pile that you do not want to clean up.


Study is the key to success. (Photo credits to wohnai on Flickr)

Studying: Study, study, and study! It is the key to success and memorization. In high school you are expected to do two main things: memorize concepts and apply them. When you study, you are learning the material and what procedure you need to undergo for the answer. It makes it easier on you to be prepared. Now it does not need to be a five hour long study habit, but at least 10-minutes a day for each subject does not hurt. Then when it is a test day you bump it up to 30-minutes. Never try to study all at once as that is ultimately stressful to your brain and harmful to your academic success. Breaking apart the studying is easier for the brain to maintain collecting all the information.

Participation: When you reach high school, the added benefit is your amount of options. There are more sports offered and clubs that are open. There is no reason anyone would go through high school without trying any out. This is for your benefit because it helps you understand more about yourself like what your talents are and what is your strong suit. Joining a sport gives you a few hours to be in  a team and learn to work together. Also, it relieves the stress because instead of thinking of the next test, you think about the game and how to score the next shot. Participation is also highly recommended because colleges look for more than academics, they need to see that you can earn good grades while participating in some kind of extracurricular activities.

Positive Attitude: It may be hard some days but a positive attitude will help time pass by quicker. If you wake up saying that it is going to be terrible day and continually carrying around that negative attitude then it will be a terrible day. It is all about your perspective and how you want to interpret the day. Always try to be positive.

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