History Teaches More Than Dates

We may not all adore history but it teaches us about life more than we may realize at first glance. Wars teach us about how our pride and anger can get the best of us and cause fellow humans to take each others’ lives. Our leaders have represented the wants and beliefs of the people at that time.

The lessons beyond the book that history teaches us.(photo credit Cornell University Library)

So what is the true importance of teaching a history class? Is it really to know when we became a nation or to know how many world wars we have had? There is a plethora of significances deep inside and between the lines in a history book.

One of the biggest lessons that it teaches us is we realize what it is meant to be human. We read and analyze countless situations between people and countries. Wars may start or alliances may begin. People tend to have their wants above others which may cause arguments and tension. There are some countries who just can not understand the ideas of another country which causes fights as well. Our human emotions and thoughts overcome us and we take a step back, we realize how they did and why they did.

 The reason why past people of this land have made certain choices is a tremendous part of looking beyond history. When we read about tribes and nations, we are looking at their fails and successes. We get to have a better sense of judgement. We can look at a past event and say that we should not do a certain choice because it did not work for them and that there is a better and new choice that could be made.

As humans we tend to contemplate and brainstorm over every choice and event in our lives. When we know what we have and what we could do, we can choose and think better. We can look at how a leader from the 1800s differed from a leader in the 1600s and see how each one did better or worse. It provides us with old and new ways of thinking. We always can do better with more of a variety of brains and ways of processing information.

Change is the big key of history. Every day and every year has presented new obstacles with new possibilities. Using an army can work now but some years back, all you could have done was pick up some spears. We have started off as people with separate goals and wants who do not want to compromise. We have become and continue to unify and combine goals and wants to have a content and well working machine.

So why teach these classes? Because they give people of all ages a new perpective and advice on the present and future. It gives a reason to the past and ways to bemefit the present and future. The social aspect of the world is presented in these classes. It shows humans how past humans have acted and give them a pathway to follow or avoid.

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