HO41: Why You Need To Know About It

There’s been several stories about a new super virus that is nearly invincible to the medicines we have now. If you haven’t heard of it, I would consider doing some research on this supposed horror, which is called HO41 – a type of Gonorrhea that has sprung up (apparently among other things,) reportedly in Japan – and has since spread to Hawaii. Is it myth or is it truth? Frankly, some stories, as I will discuss in later paragraphs, say that the virus is being bombarded by the media and is not as dangerous as some articles suggest. Others are the object of the articles, seeing as how they do state that the virus is incredibly dangerous – dangerous enough to kill someone in a matter of days, stating that it is the truth.

A new form of this plush came up - but it's not as cute in real life! (photo by ecastro)

A new form of this plush came up – but it’s not as cute in real life! (photo by ecastro)

It is safe to conclude that the string of Gonorrhea can be avoided or at least taken care of medically. Why do I feel this notion? Simply because if you Google the subject matter, all of the articles and supposed stories on HO41 were posted in the first week of May. It is now, as I post this, May the twenty-seventh and we have not heard anything else on the matter.

In fact, if it weren’t for the internet, would it have the media coverage that it does?

Now, if you know anything about anything, you know that the news has two jobs: post information, and post it fast. It is very safe to conclude that as soon as any information was given on the subject, the media sprung on it like a lion at feeding time. It doesn’t necessarily mean the entirety of information is accurate, it means the virus exists. As for what it can do, there are several accounts that I will explain as follows:

According to this link, the virus, originating in Japan, is antibiotic resistant – meaning that, if you were to contract this disease, you could die in a matter of days, and antibiotics wouldn’t help (even if you had the time for the antibiotic to get into your system.) On the other hand, this link says that the virus is only antibiotic resistant to one of the, key words here, last resort antibiotics they would give you for gonorrhea.

So, if the virus got to Hawaii, and it was resistant to antibiotics, it would already be here on the East coast. Nonetheless, it is still important to know about these new strings and possible STIs that pop up every now and again, because frankly – next time it could be the difference between life and death. You don’t want STIs or STDs? Abstinence is the best policy – especially considering that the main people who contract diseases and infections in this manner are youths between the ages of 15 and 24. Better safe than sorry, am I right?

Sex is one of the biggest parts of life – regardless of whether or not you are having it. It is important to be educated on the matter. That is why people hold events like Sex Week(end) at Yale. It’s all for information – and for your safety.

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